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    The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It is projected to remain stable, with profits predicted to expand throughout 2019. World production of paper and paperboard is forecasted to reach 490 million tons by year 2020. Cardboard and packaging paper products will have continued global demand. Packaging Market is also growing all over the world, along with tissue papers, and pulp for hygiene products.

    The current greatest strength of the industry is the increasing demand for packaging products. As more people around the globe turn to online shopping or ecommerce, the demand for cardboard and other packing materials continues to remain strong. Other factors driving the success of the pulp and paper industry are the demand for hygiene products—like paper towels, toilet paper and disposable makeup wipes—and increased economic participation of the global middle class.

    The center of the paper industry is also shifting towards more eco-friendly goods and technology. Overall, the pulp and paper industry is projected to remain healthy.

    India’s paper and paper board industry thus has unlimited scope. Judging by the investments paper manufacturers have made in modernization and expansion so far, India’s pulp and paper industry is well on its way to a glorious future.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    ABOUT PAPEREX 2019   

    PAPEREX is the series of International exhibitions on the Pulp and Paper Industry and is held biennially in New Delhi, India. It is the only comprehensive forum serving the paper industry has established itself as “Business Festival of the Paper Industry” for joint ventures, investments and technology transfer promoting overall growth of Paper industry.

    Paperex 2019 has already received an overwhelming response from the world and over 90% exhibition space has already been booked in just few months of announcement. The event is ready to repeat the success story with expected presence of 700 + exhibitors from 35 countries

    A sneak preview of the whole event:

    • Support from major trade associations of paper and allied industries and World Paper Forum
    • Presence of over 700 + leading Exhibitors from 35+ countries
    • Trade visitor from 75 + countries
    • International Group Participation from China, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, etc
    • I-50:- Special Invitation program to all Leading Paper Manufacturers & Traders of 50 countries
    • Various New Launches by exhibitors
    • Handmade paper pavilion
    • Concurrent conference and International Business Networking Program
    • A high level Technical Concurrent Conference by “Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association

    The leading exhibitors will offer the Latest Technology, Machinery and Raw Material for Paper & Board Manufacturing

    • Papers & Paper Products: - Writing & Printing Paper, Specialty Paper Newsprint, Kraft Paper, Graphic paper, etc
    • Machinery: - Complete Paper Mill Plant or Machinery, Tissue Converting
    • Latest Equipment & Accessories: - Rolls, Bearings, Blade & Knife, Pumps Valves & System, etc
    • Raw Materials: - Pulp, Waste Paper, Specialty Chemicals, Mineral & pigments, etc
    • New Technologies: - Automation & Instrumentations, Quality & Process Control, Surface Coating, etc
    • Networking with industry: - Through major paper Industry associations                                                                                                                                        


    Paperex is well attended by large gathering of paper traders, printers, publishers, converter & paper packaging companies to explore the vast variety of papers at the show.

    To serve all verticals of paper industry in a better way, The World’s Largest Paper Show is enhancing the platform for

    With three collocated events to cater the entire gamut of paper & all allied industries at one business platform

    • WORLD OF PAPER a concurrent show for Paper, Printing, Packaging & Publishing industries
    • CORRUGEX, a concurrent show on Corrugated Box Machinery, Technology & allied Industries
    • TISSUEEX, a concurrent show highlighting the participation of Tissue, Products, Machinery & Technology

    Block your dates for this Business Festival of the Paper Industry scheduled from 3-6 December 2019 in New Delhi. For more information on the exhibition, please log on to

    Wed, 21/08/2019
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    Line O Matic has recently launched Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine in two variants. (1) SWM 50 & (2) SWM 100 with packaging capacity of 50 & 80 cycles/min. respectively. Both machines can be configured for POF and LDPE. Line O Matic is showcasing SWM 50 in upcoming Pack Plus show at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi at Stall No. 130 in Hall 11.

    Line O Matic Graphic Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is one of the world’s largest & leading machinery manufacturer for exercise notebook, paper converting & packaging industry. We are pioneer in introducing the most innovative and revolutionary products in these industry segment. 
    Line O Matic has recently launched Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine in two variants. (1) SWM 50 & (2) SWM 100 with packaging capacity of 50 & 80 cycles/min. respectively. Both machines can be configured for POF and LDPE. Line O Matic is showcasing SWM 50 in upcoming Pack Plus show at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi at Stall No. 130 in Hall 11.
    Automatic Shrink Wrapping machine is a multipurpose machine to shrink wrap different product according to industry requirement. It can be used for different industries like packaging, printing, stationery, publication, pharma, corrugated, engineering, automobile etc… 
    Until now, manufacturers are doing shrink wrap with manual machines which does not give price-performance ratio, shrink wrap quality not upto mark and less productivity and maximum wastage. Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine is the perfect solution to shrink wrap with better productivity and quality. 
    We invite companies who are looking automatic machine to shrink wrap their products. They can see live working of machine at Stall No. 130 in Hall 11 in Pack Plus exhibition held during 28th and 31st August 2019. For more information: kindly visit our website: 

    Tue, 20/08/2019

Special Feature

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    New ad campaign by Linc Pen aims to channelize students’ inner strength towards achieving life’s academic goals

    Linc Pen and Plastics Ltd. one of India’s most trusted writing instruments for over last four decades with a strong presence over 50 countries, has lauded the resolution and hard work of students who are taking their board exams this year with their brand-new advertising campaign endorsing one of Linc’s most successful product, “Pentonic”.                                                                           Linc Pen weaves in the magic that transpires to raise the self-belief through simple humane touch. The new ad campaign for Pentonic during this exam season touches the emotional chord of all its connoisseurs, celebrating a vital phase of student life by eulogizing the virtues of their mental strength during exams with the valiance of a soldier fighting in the country’s battlefield.

    Linc has always been a part of the growing generations, this time endorsing their widely successful product offering, Pentonic which has taken the imagination of the nation by storm with its futuristic and new generation look and performance. ‘Pentonic – ‘Write the future’ is designed to be an advanced writing instrument for the Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha, keeping in mind their avant-garde needs and demands.

    With this differentiating ethos Linc has embarked upon an idea that inspires and challenges the future with its boldness.

    Mr. Deepak Jalan, Managing Director and CEO, LINC PEN PLASTIC LTD. said "Pentonic has to be one of the best offerings from  the stable of Linc. With its effortless smooth writing and unique ink flow system, Pentonic enables the students to write their exams with command and confidence. We at Linc, differentiate with innovation, delivering the best possible writing experience for all our consumers at all price points. The new ad campaign is dedicated to the exam warriors who have put in their hard work to achieve success in academics like the spirited soldier of a nation at the battlefield."

    Their latest ad campaign showcases a focused school girl getting ready to sit for her school ongoing examinations. She gears up by preparing herself mentally for the war up ahead. Moving through the emotional journey of a student’s resilience during the exam at school and a soldier’s never-say-die spirit on the battlefield, the film captures the different moments while getting battle ready, be it in a classroom or combat zone. The film ends with the girl letting out a war cry ready with her battle gear with her weapon of choice: “Pentonic”. Linc has away believed in providing the best writing instruments for students during their examination. The ad film tries to take one through the mindset of a student which is confident and believes in conquering her battleground. Linc showcases their faith in Pentonic and establishes their focus in enabling India’s students to ‘Write the future’. The TVC has been created by the creative agency Brand Bazooka and is LIVE on multiple digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It has already gained wide appreciation for their passion inducing storyline and garnered over 12,000 hits on YouTube and likes on over 64,000 views on Facebook.


    Tue, 23/07/2019
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    The inspiring teenager also organises annual fundraisers in her society for the education of slum kids from Dharavi. Apart from raising Rs 4 lakhs each year, she also teaches them herself!

    About five years ago, Aarushi Majumder, who was a 13-year-old at the time, decided to start teaching underprivileged children in Mumbai’s Dharavi locality.With absolute passion and dedication, the teenager would conduct classes, ensuring personal attention to each one of her young students.
    But soon, she realised that some of her students were skipping class. While she was willing to overlook occasional absenteeism, it started to happen regularly enough for her to inquire about the reason.As it turns out, the kids were falling seriously ill.
    “I learned that they spent most of their days collecting waste and working in landfills and the pollution there was affecting their health. Mumbai is amongst the most polluted cities in the world because of the unmitigated piles of garbage that arrive at the local landfills daily, and these children were subject to the consequences. It was heartbreaking,” Aarushi says in a conversation with The Better India.
    Back in 2013, about 9,400 tonnes of garbage, most of it unsegregated and non-recyclable, would end up in Mumbai’s landfills every day, and the burden of it rested on the weak shoulders of the kids from Dharavi.
    Troubled by these facts, she decided that she wanted to make a dent in the way the 21+ million people of Mumbai discarded their garbage.
    “I took the first step to reduce the amount of waste my family produced by segregating the garbage produced at home. I recycled dry waste, reused what I could, and began composting biodegradable waste. Seven weeks later, not only did I have fertile soil for my plants but had also managed to reduce the garbage output by 80%,” she says.
    “This boosted my confidence, so I drew up a standardised waste management plan to present to the Chairman of my apartment complex,” she adds.
    Her approach had to ensure that the wet waste was being utilised sustainably and at the same time, reduce the dry garbage from going to the landfill.
    As is usually the case with taking up a community initiative, Aarushi began with creating awareness about the consequences of letting unsegregated waste outside the society and presenting her plans, simple and easily applicable, to the adults of the society.
    Colour-coded bins were introduced in the housing society and everyone, including the domestic staff, were trained to segregate waste.

    A positive and negative reinforcement mini-programme was also introduced where the society members were added in a social media group, and their actions in terms of segregation or failure thereof were commented on my other members.
    “We also taught all the domestic staff in our building how to recycle. I took the initiative of monitoring the compost closely, checking its temperature and pH twice a week. And soon, we successfully reduced the amount of waste that was sent to the dumps. In just four months, the 7 tonnes of monthly waste that we were sending out to landfills was reduced to 1.5 tonnes. We also introduced incentives for in-house staff who were involved in waste management using funds that we generated through selling excess compost outside,” the teen tells us.

    Fri, 19/07/2019

Industry People

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    Diversified ITC Group announced the elevation of its MD Sanjiv Puri as the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. The announcement was made as the company revealed its Q4 result for FY19. Puri has been elevated after industry leader and former Chairman YC Deveshwar passed away on May 11 after a brief illness.

    Diversified ITC Group announced the elevation of its MD Sanjiv Puri as the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. The announcement was made as the company revealed its Q4 result for FY19. Puri has been elevated after industry leader and former Chairman YC Deveshwar passed away on May 11 after a brief illness. YC Deveshwar (72) had stepped down from executive role in 2017 but remained as a chairman in non-executive capacity. “The Board of Directors of the company at the meeting held today appointed Sanjiv Puri, Managing Director, also as the Chairman of the Company with effect from May 13, 2019. Consequently, Puri’s new designation is Chairman and Managing Director of the company,” ITC said in a regulatory filing.

    In 2017, ITC had split the role of the Executive Chairman between Chairman and Chief Executive Officer as part of succession planning in the company. Deveshwar had played the role of mentor to the executive management led by Sanjiv Puri. The latter is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and Wharton School of Business. He has been associated with ITC for a long time now. He joined ITC in 1986.

    He was appointed as a Director on the Board of ITC with effect from December 6, 2015 and Chief Executive Officer from February 5, 2017 taking independent charge of the executive leadership of the Company. He is also the Chairman of the Corporate Management Committee. On My 16, 2018, Puri was appointed as the Managing Director of the company. 
    Prior to his appointment as a Director on the Board of ITC, Puri was President, FMCG Businesses - Cigarettes, Foods, Personal Care, Education & Stationery Products, Matches and Agarbattis, since December 2014.


    Mon, 03/06/2019
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    The capacity of Sirpur Paper Mills is being refurbished and we expect that it will be used for production purposes by October 2019, said AS Mehta, President, JK Paper, during a candid chat.

    The fourth quarter numbers are better than what we achieved in last three quarters because it was achieved despite a 9-day long shutdown, says AS Mehta, President, JK Paper. Mehta said the capacity of the Sirpur Paper Mills is being refurbished and we expect that it will be used for production purposes by October 2019.


    Q: How do you see your Q4 results in terms of revenue, EBITDA and margin?


    A: I consider the numbers of the fourth quarter, Revenue, EBITDA, PBDT, PBT and net profit, as better than the numbers that we achieved in the last three quarters. This quarter is better for us because it was a quarter we were able to produce beyond targets and improved on the profit as well as margin percentage despite a 9-9.5 day long shutdown.


    Q: What is your expectation for volume growth in the next 2 quarters?


    A:  We always believe that the Indian paper market will grow at the rate of 6-7 per cent and that is why we have always said that our growth rate should be better than the rate at which industry will grow. 


    Q: How much margins do you intend to maintain for the next few coming quarters, considering it increased well in the previous few quarters? 


    A: Right now, I can just say that we will try to bring at least a fraction of improvement on the margin percentage that was achieved this fiscal.

    But, I would like to say that every industry or sector has a pick margin level, a maintainable level and sustainable level.

    2018-19 fiscal has been a good fiscal for the industry and it will be good for the industry if we are able to maintain or better on the number.



    Fri, 31/05/2019

New Products & Trends

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    Elkos Pens, one of the most recognized writing instrument brands in India, announces the release of Orra ball pen, an extension to their wide range of ball pens products. 

    Orra ball pen does not just keep up just with the latest trends, but with its stylish body, it is a complete eye-catcher, making it the perfect lifestyle product for trend setters. Orra is not only pretty to look at, but also supple in its function. Pen lovers with high expectations of a special writing experience will always find the perfect pen with Orra. The progressive design and its ergonomic form with scientific rounded grip guarantee a firm hold and allow a natural writing movement without hand fatigue.
    Orra combines glamorous, refreshing elegance with stylish design and the well-known pleasant writing experience of the Elkos pens,” said Mr. Vijay Singh, Assistant Manager - Marketing, Elkos Pens Ltd.The Orra ball pens mean high product quality at excellent price-performance ratio.

    About the company
    Elkos Pens Limited was incorporated in the year 2003-04 as manufacturer and exporter of ball pen, gel pen, direct fill pen, sketch pen and refills.  ELKOS Pens has been certified by the standards of ISO 9001:2008(QMS), awarded the prestigious Government of India registered One Star EXPORT HOUSE & has a distinguished honour of being stationery partners in reputed Indian educational institutes like IIT’s & IIMs.

    Mon, 19/08/2019
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    Indonesia is the world’s second largest plastic polluter as the usage of plastic is rampant in the country. It was strange that we did not realise the consequences until we came back to India. Even spoons were covered in plastic. It triggered us to make some lifestyle changes.

    As a child, I would always throw away my pencil once I used half. It was uncomfortable to write with them, but the real reason was peer pressure, as most of my classmates did the same. For children, it is difficult to understand or even process the fact that eight million trees are cut every year to make 20 billion pencils worldwide. Unfortunately, even now, grown-ups fail to realise the massive deforestation globally.
    However, when Akshata Bhadranna and Rahul Pagad from Bengaluru learnt about the grim figures, it served as a wake-up call that eventually gave birth to Dopolgy in September 2018. It is an organisation that sells eco-friendly products.
    While this was the trigger, a series of events motivated the couple to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle.
    After moving back to Bengaluru from Indonesia, they saw the extent of plastic in household items, including utensils, home decor, clothes and shoes, all of which were transported from Indonesia to India in plastic packaging.
    Recalling that the move served as a wake-up call for them, Akshata tells The Better India: “Indonesia is the world’s second largest plastic polluter as the usage of plastic is rampant in the country. It was strange that we did not realise the consequences until we came back to India. Even spoons were covered in plastic. It triggered us to make some lifestyle changes.” It started with the couple reading and watching videos on plastic pollution, which pushed them to give up plastic bags. Gradually, eco-friendly glasses, cutlery, soaps and loofah, replaced the plastic ones. The couple also started composting wet garbage at home.
    During the switch, they saw how costly the eco-friendly products were, “It is not feasible to purchase a bamboo brush at Rs 200 if we change it every four months. Eco-friendly products, unfortunately, are considered a luxury. We wanted to make it a common man’s product. And so, with our savings, we started Dopolgy,” she says. 

    Here’s how it’s done

    • The newspaper is cut into pieces of 18×18 cm. The lead is manually rolled on that paper and deposited in a rolling machine. The pencils are allowed to dry naturally for 30 minutes.
    • Dried pencils are then put into a dryer for one hour at 220° Celsius.
    • Polishing machines give the final finish to make the pencil smooth. Finally, the product goes through the cutting machine, where it is cut into determined sizes.
    • To make the process completely eco-friendly, the pencils are packaged in compostable boxes of craft paper.
    • So far, the duo has manufactured 10,000 pencils by recycling around 6,000 newspapers! 

    Apart from this, the duo also sources different types of seed paper like jasmine, marigold, coriander and onion from wholesale manufacturers and converts them into beautiful card pieces. Other products from these paper varieties include wedding cards, invitation cards, postcards, visiting cards, among others.


    Sat, 17/08/2019

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