Blade Breaker – Innovative design offering Safety, Clean breaks and High Quality Steel

Michael Satz, Sentisina Design Lab.

Booth No. A79 in Hall 3.0 displayed a range of eye-catching and wonderful designs of office and utility products. The stall belonged to Sentisina GmbH, a Germany based company founded in 2015. Sentisina design lab is an international design team of industrial designers and graphic designers, connected with investors and marketing experts to achieve a gapless transformation from the first design concept to final product.

Among the array of products that were put up for display, one such product that caught attention was –“Blade Breaker”. Luckily we got the opportunity to speak with the designer of the product - Michael Satz. He explained us the Utility of the product, and how the design won him the “GERMAN DESIGN AWARD SPECIAL 2018”.

“As you see here this Top Cover of the transparent Plastic Box has Two Slots to accommodate two different blade sizes” said Michael, as he showed us the Blade Breaker box. He further added “When you insert the worn-out blade edges in one of this slot and apply a little force, the blade chips off easily. Most importantly it does not fly off, drop down or cause any harm. Instead it falls in the container below thus offering you a collection of about 100g of High Quality Steel for every blade used in your office or factory

The demo was really impressive. The blade breaker combines a tool for breaking off cutter blade segments with a collection box for the detached segments. It is suitable for all conventional cutters with break-off segments. Using blade breaker, the blade is automatically positioned at the correct angle, so that the break-line is parallel to that indicated on the blade. The breakage is so clean and easy that it totally eliminates any chance of injuries. Plus the advantage of accumulation of high quality steel for recycling made it an Award Winning product.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019