Faber-Castell India launches COLOP products in India

FEB-2012 – FC India has signed exclusive marketing and distribution agreement with COLOP, world’s leading brand in self-inking stamps category. PSS recently had the opportunity to speak with the top-management personnel of FC India. We got to know more about this interesting development and the companies future prospects. PSS : The association of Colop and Faber-Castell is limited to Indian market or this is worldwide distribution agreement. Please share some more information on this development. FC INDIA : The association of COLOP and Faber-Castell is for SAARC market only. Faber-Castell has its reach across India and we’ll use this distribution network for making sure that COLOP products are available across India. We have also recruited an exclusive sales team to focus on this range. We’ll include all prominent stamp makers also in our distribution network PSS : What all range of products (stamps/inks/systems & Materials) of Colop will be handled by FC India? FC INDIA : Complete COLOP range would be exclusively handled by FC India. This would include stamps, inks, spare pads and all other related material. In beginning we are introducing only basic skus across categories and gradually more products would be included. PSS : One of the most innovative and appreciated ranges of stamps of Colop is – Green Stamps. How do you plan to introduce it in Indian market? Do you think the consumer here is aware and sensitive for such Green Products? FC INDIA : Yes, Green range of products is one of most innovative range from COLOP. We plan to launch this range once brand is well established in India. Indian market is very price sensitive and we want first the stamp makers and consumers to be aware of basic r ange and later expand range into specialised products. PSS : How would you describe the market for Stamp and marking products in India. How has it mat ured over the years? FC INDIA : Market for stamps is still quite unorganised in India. Rubber stamps with wooden/plastic holders still constitute majority of sales. Small stamp makers with no infrastructure are slowly & gradually moving towards Pre ink and self ink stamps which will change nature of market. Both Pre ink and self ink categories are growing in India but Pre ink stamps esp. low cost options are more preferred. With low cost flash machines now available in the market, cost of making pre ink stamps has come down leading to gradual shift from rubber stamps to pre-ink stamps. PSS : Faber-Castell India has impressive & extensive manufacturing facilities in India. The complete range of Colop products will be imported or do you plan to manufacture some of them here in India at yo ur plants? FC INDIA : Initially we plan to import complete range and after sometime would look into the option of domestic production. PSS : What about the ongoing instability in Forex. There was severe fall in A and recently it has seen some correction though it has still not recovered fully. Did it have any major bearings on your product valuations, margins or pricing strategies? (if any what steps did yo u take overcome it) FC INDIA : Yes, rupee depreciation has been a source of concern to all importers. But we are investing in the COLOP brand and are launching products at competitive prices PSS : Future Plans & Strategies? Growth Prospects FC INDIA : Future is going to be ex citing in this category. We have plans for launch some new products, would share the details at appropriate time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 13:15