G.M. Pens to expand plant capacity

JULY-2016 – G.M. Pens International Pvt. Ltd. is increasing its production capacity by 10 lakh to 38 lakh pens a day at an investment of Rs.57 crore. Besides, the company is also in talks with Chinese firms to get into the stationery business, which will likely materialise by end-2017. Last year, the company clocked sales turnover of Rs.440 crore and it hopes to touch Rs.500 crore in the current fiscal. “We are expanding the production capacity of four of the nine plants in Puducherry in another 12-18 months time. By March 2017, we will have a total capacity to produce 33 lakh pens a day and by end of 2017, it will reach 38 lakh pens a day,” Indrakumar Mahendran, Joint Managing Director, G.M. Pens, told. Our core strengths commences with our dedicated and experienced team in each functional group Innovative R&D: With 20 plus years of developing products to the most diverse country like India, with many languages consisting of different scripts, writing habits and catering to one of the highest writing user base, has provided GM Pens International the largest knowledge base when it comes to writing instruments compared to any other countries in the world. Our R&D is world class and well recognized…

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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