Paperworld 2017 – CARL – unveiled limited edition Anti Broken Colour Pencil Sharpner.

FEB-2017 – Mr. Tamayama, CEO, Carl International addressed a press conference at their booth in Paperworld 2017 and emphasized the changes the in Logo of CARL – from Blue to Red and incorporating “Tokyo” to convey the quality, technology and trustworthiness associated with Japanese Products. He introduced the latest products for 2017 which included Mr. Punch – a series of aluminium made effortless punches an d ShikiLUitaDividers – a series of aluminium made multipurpose stands. These beautifully designed, light weight and powder coated products were displayed in a variety of colours and looked great for the modern day workplace and home environment. Another very interesting product on display was “X-Sharpener” – Anti-broken Pencil Sharpener. Alex Martinez, National Sales Manager told PSS that NHK World is a popular TV, radio and web network for news and entertainment in Japan. In one of the episodes of “Supreme Skill” a challenge was put forth to sharpener manufacturers and pencil experts for developing a sharpner that would make the red colour pencil “Anti-Broken”. The management from CARL took on the challenge and created one such Sharpner. It was prominently displayed at the company’s booth. Press representatives from various countries were especially invited to witness the live test of the Sharpener on 28th January. Mr. Tamayama, demonstrated the prowess of t he sharpener by dropping a number of pencils from a 4 feet high box and to everybody’s surprise none of the pencil tip broke. Alex told PSS that limited numbers of X-sharpeners will be available for sale only on CARL netshop.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 12:15