Paperworld 2017 – Pfeiffer introduces “uWrite” – a beautifully designed Gel Pen built from ground up to Recycle

FEB-2017 – Daniel Eglin from the writing division of Pfeffier elatedly showed PSS the new pen – uWRITE, introduced by the Swiss company for the first in PAPERWORLD 2017. Developed and patented for its unique “Non-Toxic Ceramic Ball housed in Polymer Tip” – uWrite is built from ground up to recycle. Left – Daniel Eglin from the writing division of Pfeffier. “The refill ismadefrom a single class of plastic to make recycling much easier” said Dainel. It’s a beautifully designed pen with vibrant superfast dry high quality German gel ink. “Every year disposable pens add thousands of kilograms of toxins like lead, brass, nickel, stainless steel and plastic components into landfill. But all the components of uWrite can either be reused or recycled.” added Urs Wolfensberger, Director, Pfeiffer.

Monday, February 20, 2017 - 11:15