PAPERWORLD 2017 – TEIBOW Japan introduces new products for European Market

FEB-2017 – TEIBOW from Japan is a leading Pen Nib manufacturing company. The company manufactures Pen Nibs from a variety of materials – Tomomi Ueda, Section Chief, Sales Department, Teibow a. Felt; b. Fiber; c. Plastic The nibs division of the company utilizes advanced technologies in an increasingly diverse range of products, including applications in cosmetics and medical uses. Their nibs business leads the world in market share, handling around 2,400 different products per year, producing approximately 350 million units every month, and serving more than 50 countries around the world. Tomomi Ueda, Section Chief, Sales Department, Teibow told PSS that the company has introduced some new products this year like – 3 mountain Nib made of Nylon. This nib will be a great tool for Calligraphy writers, and for creative and hobby craft enthusiasts. She further said that the company can provide plastic brush nibs made by precisely controlled extrusion process to offer customized hardness as per the requirements of the client.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 15:15