Dear Freinds, After Three Consecutive Exhibitions of STATIONERY WORLD, The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Associations (FMSMTA) are proud to announce its 4th National Exhibition STATIONERY WORLD 2012 which is to be held on 17th, 18th and 19th February 2012 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. Previously the Exhibition was held in 2006, 2008 and 2010 at the same place and it was a grand success. The Stationery World has made its position as the most significant Exhibition for the dynamically growing Industry. Stationery World 2012 will showcase the latest products, new launches, new designs and new ideas for the Industry from all over India as well as International. The main reason of organizing such an event is to make awareness and also promote the Industry. Stationery World is undoubtedly the most popular and powerful meeting place for Manufacturers and Buyers to develop bigger market and also create broader opportunities and for better Brand presence.The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturer and Traders Association (FMSMTA) are the Federation of Stationery Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers and Distributors. The Federation is a link between Stationery Manufacturers, Dealers and Traders conceptualized to strengthen India’s share in the Global Trade. The primary objective of the FEDERATION is to protect the interest of all concerned, to promote B2B trade and create better trade harmony. The main aim of the Federation is to enhance the business relationship within the trade and develop a cordial environment for enhanced growth of the Industry and Trade to the advantage of all manufacturers, traders and consumers and also to safeguard the interest of the Industry altogether. Federation will also endeavour to co-ordinate between various associations and bring unity and uniformity among all. Federation will also deal with all Government related issues and co-ordinate to get a better presentation of the Industry. This 4th Edition of Stationery World 2012 will take the Federation forward to achieve its motto to promote genuine trade in the Industry and nurture the interest of Manufacturers and Traders. This exclusive stationery trade show will offer you a complete variety of Note Books, Paper Stationery, Office Stationery, School Stationery, Computer Stationery, Files & Folders, Writing Instruments, Art Materials etc. It provides an excellent atmosphere to source, discuss and negotiate your business directly with the manufacturers. With the support of other regional and state associations of the stationery industry, the strength of the Federation is further enhanced, making this event the ultimate sourcing point for the Industry. From the word go…., we assure you that the 2012 Edition will create new ripples in the ocean of Stationery. Paper &Stationery Samachar have played a major roll in creating awareness of our Federation. I also thank the Managing Editor, Mr. Kanwal Kumar, the Head of Marketing, Mr. Sumesh and Business Development Manager, Mr. Ashish, and other Personnel, for publishing such write-ups so that the whole Stationery World gets to know about our activities.  Dear Mr. K.K Tuli, I wish a very happy and prosperous new year to the PSS family. Stationery World exhibition is a revolutionary concept in India as it is organized by the biggest federation in Indian stationery industry, FMSMTA. This is the fourth edition and we are receiving huge success in it. Year after year the participation is increasing which is a big motivation for the organizers and the industry. At the end I congratulate you for becoming the media partner, wish you all the success and good luck. Yours faithfully Mahender Chabblani Vice President, FMSMTA Dear Friends & Well-Wishers Heartiest congratulations for organizing Stationery World 2012. This is the fourth consecutive exhibition of The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Associations and the overwhelming response to the earlier three Stationery World exhibitions has apparently boosted our confidence. Stationery World 2012 is indeed a key platform to showcase our stationery products. The exhibition undisputedly is a vital mediator between buyers and sellers and will certainly pave the way for further augmenting our robust Stationery Industry. I also take this opportunity to appreciate the commitment and relentless efforts of the organizers to ensure big success to this mega event. Once again I wish All the Best to STATIONERY WORLD 2012 SHRIRAM DANDEKAR, Jt. Managing Director, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. & Chairman, FMSMTA  Dear Reader, First & foremost let me take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012. It is my proud privilege to be associated with a 8 decade old pioneer stationery company where I have myself have had a stint of more than 2 decades. This journey has had many ups and downs and traversed unknown & difficult paths ultimately leading us to excellence. With the valuable support of our channel partners whom we call our partners in progress and our valuable customers, the Kores flag still flies high in the sky. There is no great secret behind this success, but just doing the basics right, being innovative, passionate and making the most of every opportunity. Needless to mention, there have been errors in judgment, mistakes along the way, but all these have only helped us learn and get better. We are also honored to be the Main Sponsors of Stationery World’2012 to be held in February’2012. At present the stationery industry in India is booming and we need to showcase what we have on offer to make this industry much stronger. Over the years, we have been part of Stationery World Exhibition as a participant which gave us the opportunity to understand the stationery market in totality and how aggressive the industry is really getting. With more thrust on education, the market for scholastic products is going up by the day. Besides, automation is playing a very big role in education, which has made product up gradation the rule of the day. Past experience and the present trend indicates the stationery industry to play a very major role in economic growth and I wish each and every one all the very best for making this industry a robust force contributing to the well being of the Indian economy. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Dr. A.K. GARG, (Sr. Vice-President: Marketing & Sales) Kores India Ltd., Mumbai.  Dear Mr. Sumesh I am very glad to know that your magazine Paper Stationery & Samachar has been chosen as the official event magazine media partner for Stationery World 2012. I am fully confident of your magazine’s national and international reach. The sheer enormous size of school and paper stationery industry of India i.e. Rs.9000 cr. makes it one of the most important sector of Indian economy. Further, with the annual growth rate of 15%, this is one of the most lucrative sector also. The demand of the domestic market itself is huge, but with rapidly improving industrial infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities the exports of this sector are also increasing by leaps and bounds. I wish with events like STATIONERY WORLD 2012 we will be able to gain global recognition for the competence of Indian companies and entrepreneurs. Wishing the best for all this New Year and in years to come. Yours faithfully Amrut Shah Chairman, Stationery World 2012, Exhibition Committee, CMD, Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd.  Dear Mr. Kanwal Tuli I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New year. Congratulations for becoming the official media partner for STATIONERY WORLD 2012. FMSMTA, has been formed with the sole objective of development and progress of stationery industry of India. Our Federation has been successfully organizing this hugely popular event for pastt three editions. With this fourth edition we are looking forward to surpass all projections and set new records. Also with your support in promotion and marketing campaigns the success of the event seems even more certain. I take this opportunity to thank all the committee members of FMSMTA for their immense support and selfless teamwork and generous efforts. I also congratulate the whole team of PSS. Your efficient reporting of news and events has opened international avenues for our industry. Through your dedicated magazine we hope to get not only good publicity for the fair but also more number of participants and visitors which will definitely help in enhancing the trade relationship between manufacturers and Traders. I wish PSS magazine all success in their work. Yours faithfully, Paras P. Shah General Sectretary, FMSMTA

Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 18:30