Where ink pen is mightier than ball pen

JULY-2012 – Say ‘no’ to ball pens and ‘yes’ to ink pens. This initiative by students of Vijnaana Vilasini Higher Secondary School near Thamarakkulam, goes to prove that given the right opportunity, there’s no dearth of ideas within the student community. Nobody is in doubt about the might of a humble weapon like the pen. But as technology advanced, the ball pen revolution set in, leaving teachers asking themselves whether it was right to ban the use of these pens. Vijnaana Vilasini HSS students have set aside all debates and are firm in their decision to use ink pens. They decided to give Mother Nature a breather when they realised that ball pens are not bio-degradable. Why pollute the Earth if they can help it, the students felt. Eco club convener Rafi Ramnath told Deccan Chronicle that the idea was born when students found that the campus and its surroundings were littered by ball pens. On an average, a student uses three ball pens a month. It is then flung out. Besides, the use and throw culture has only added to the menace of environmental pollution. There are about 3000 students in the school. “We did a bit of research and found that over one lakh pens are thrown away a year by students here, said Ramnath. “The initiative was discussed with the students and we took an opinion poll among students, teachers and parents a month ago making them aware of the consequences of littering the place. We distributed ink pens to all students. All classteachers have been directed to see that students use only ink pens. The Eco club has also instituted a prize for the best ink pen-using class,” he added. Rafi, who has been using a Parker ink pen for the last six years, said that all the ink pens were sponsored by well-wishers. Krishanan Unni, a class VII student said he had been using at least three ball pens a month before the idea was introduced. “We love Nature. Hence, we took up this initiative. Besides, it helps in improving our handwriting,” he said. Source: www.deccanchronicle.com

Friday, March 1, 2013
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