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Industry People

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    Deli Penrex Stationery Pvt. Ltd

    FEB-2012 – 250 employees who check quality of the products at every stage. DPSPL brings products for professional use with added safety and performance for maximum convenience. Products which are versatile in standard & vast in choice are perfect for everyday desk work in the office or at home. Practical for light duty job and personal use. DPSPL has an exhaustive product range comprising Sharpeners, Shredders, Laminating Machines, Currency Counting Machine, Laser Pointers, Magazine and Newspaper Stands, Calculators, Files & Folders, Desk Accessories, Electronic Calculators, White Boards, Staplers & Punches, Writing Instruments etc….. And the quality is unbeatable. As a leading manufacturer ofSharpeners, Deli created a benchmark in the global Sharpener industry. Over the years, Deli Sharpeners have gained worldwide acclamation. 100% ABS material non-allergic to human body & are available in vivid & variety of colours. Electronic, semi automatic & rotary are the varieties available. Who doesn’t like the neatly arranged work station? Our organizers make your desk very manageable, clutter free & so is your life’s made easier. The wide choice of 3/4/5/6 drawer organizer with lock, file cabinets. Magazine rack, file / paper basket, document holders & trays. Our scissors & cutters come in variety of colours, styles & handles. To protect the sharpness an exclusive safety jacket is specially designed & provided along with. DPSPL has introduced the special Foam PP series folders & files. Our expanding & folders can be used to segregate important documents and store / carry all in one Certified with ISO 9001 & ISO 1 4001 for international quality management system & environment system. file. The index enables easy access for any file while the 2 mm thick PP Foam cover ensures the safety. Available in different varieties like Standard Level File, Clip Board Folder, and Executive Folder that come handy with durable clips & pockets, free indexes, A4 note book, pen holder, sheets etc. We’ve also launched a unique oval shaped glue stick for the first time in India. It’s non toxic, environment friendly, long lasting & has superb adhesive quality that is can stick your fingers & will not dry in 2 years even in open condition. Packaged in attractive pristine white colour, its oval tube shape prevents rolling. Deli Stationery is available in all major cities at all conventional & modern retail outlets across country viz. Staples, Future Retail, Reliance Retail, Odyssey Landmark, Metro Cash & Carry, Bharti Walmart, Crossword, D-Mart, Carrefour etc. And entered into strategic tie-ups with major business and corporate houses (for in-house stationery consumption and corporate gifting) and aim to cater to many more in the near future. What makes us Unique? Our competitive strength is that our customers would be able to purchase a wide variety of stationery products under one roof which will help them to save their time & efforts to find best quality with better rates. Quality for life, management for efficiency and credit for customers is the guiding principle of Deli Penrex Stationery Pvt. Ltd. Visit us at & our flagship store : Atria Mall. Shop # 55 & 56, Ground Floor, Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 018 Phone : + 91 22673 63768

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 06:45
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    FEB-2012 -A 53 yrs. old Bafna Group has come a long way since its first generation Shri. Mohanlal Raichand Bafna began trading in paper and jaggery. After initial struggling period that turned into an interesting success story which is purely a result of sheer hard work, firm determ-ination, foresight and commitment. In true sense, the group has grown maturely and spread its wings on various horizons. It represents a unique diversity of a colour spectrum. The group resounds with varied service offerings, resonates with solutions, and vibrates with fresh ideas and innovation. That’s why today Bafna Group products are touching millions of lives everyday. A 30 years dynamic, 3rd generation entrepreneur Praful Bafna, took reins of business from his father, Prakash Bafna. According to Praful Bafna, CMD of Bafna Group, “the company has expanded over a period & today it’s one of the largest paper trading companies in India”. The CMD further adds, “The Bafna Group has continuously evolved into a global corporate, having bagged ISO certification, specializes in trading, manufacturing and exports of paper products like notebooks, exercise books, text books, registers, drawing books, practical papers, etc. for school supplies & institutional stationery products, growers of the finest grapes (agriculture), manufacturing of bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers (bio-technology. New ventures are now stabilizing in the field of readymade garment manufacturing, retailing in domestic & exporting through Albury Industries, land development & construction in the name of White Stone”. Saniya notebooks are available in most of the stationery marts in India & overseas which are rolled out of factory godown only after thorough quality checks & standards. In a very short span a time, Saniya has become a household product which comes with its top class printing, fair pricing, environmental friendly i.e. products are made from agriculture waste, intelligent use of cutting edge technology, focused and penetrating marketing strategies and customer service are some of the key parameters that have shaped today’s brand, Saniya.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 07:30
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    “Alone we can do too little; together we can do so much”

    FEB-2012 – My sincere compliments to Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Association for organizing STATIONERY WORLD 2012, the 4th National Exhibition b y between 17-19 february 2012 at Mumbai. The Indian Stationery Industry has faced various transitions with the passage of time in terms of quality, trends and demand. After accepting the globalization and liberalization phenomenon the industry has not only witnessed sea change in its orientation but has rolled up its sleeves to face the domestic as well as international competition. In today’s era the stationery industry is categorized into three segments school stationery, office stationery and paper stationery. The stationery industry is rapidly growing with many players expanding their product line into these segments. The reason for the exponential growth of stationery industry is primarily the rise in the educational sector. The thrust on education by the government ensuing into high propensity to spend on education are the prime growth drivers for the stationery industry. Also increasing population with adding more schools, the demand for school stationery has galloped significantly. Several multi-nationals organizations have shifted their offices and units to India hence the demand for office stationery is on rise. Though many organizations have aimed for paper less office but their demand for stationery products is ever increasing. Today the buyer is brand conscious and sensitive about the kind of products he buys. With the increase in the number of middle class families and their per capita income and social awareness due to several electronic medium the importance of brand awareness has gained significantly. Exposure to the international brands and upgraded national brands of stationery has done a lot to enhance the buyer’s brand sensitivity. Buyers are willing to pay more for a brand which offers quality and durability. Consumers opting for new pens than refills and there is a shift in focus from inexpensive products to quality products. Even a mother buying stationery for her child will always keep in mind that the child should have a desire to use the product and that it should be sturdy enough to weather out the rough use of a child’s hand. Major importing countries for Indian stationery are Australia, Canada, major African countries and Middle East where Indian designs and style are more acceptable. Wal-Mart, Office Depot and Staples of the US, which have so far been procuring stationery items from China, have visited India for outsourcing their pen requirements. While at present China has a market share of 10 per cent of the Rs. 50,000-crore global writing instruments industry, India’s exporters are striving hard to improve our share in the market. We have proven India’s capability in manufacturing high quality products. We are challenged by the constant change in world trends and increased competition especially among neighboring countries such as China, Indonesia, Brazil and many other countries who are known to supply much better quality products at much lesser rates than India. Apparently, Germany, Japan and Korea are the international quality leaders of the stationery business. China is competitive because it has low cost of production due to the availability of paper at lower cost, manual labour, government subsidized land and power. Considering our domestic market with growing disposable incomes, consumers are upgrading their purchases and luxury items are gradually finding their way into the shopping baskets of even upwardly mobile middle class consumers. Other industry experts assert that the local market is growing fast and there is scope for further expansion of the industry. India still needs a lot of proper research and development that will be the winning key for the Indian stationery market’s stability in the overseas market. But India first has a major need for good infrastructure facilities, innovation, quality control, tax incentives, vocational guidance, capacity building and factories equipped with modern machinery. This is where the government should step in. If the basic foundation is strong the rest will be easy to achieve. Many export development programs comprising training in export marketing, trade fair participation, B2B activities should also be carried out by government for stationery suppliers in order to enhance the exports. It is estimated that the Stationery industry in India is approx Rs 200 billion and is poised to grow at a 15% annually. But the major portion is unfortunately in unorganized sector and small players are finding difficult to face the onslaught of multi nationals. In India the major obstacles for the stationery industry are government policies, fierce competition from countries like China, Brazil, and Indonesia. Higher tax rates compared to its foreign counterparts, ever increasing cost of production and lack of popular brand images are also bottlenecks for the Stationery Industry. Nevertheless, we are optimistic about the industry, since the government is spending a lot on education and international demand is also pouring in. The international demand of stationery products from Asia is bullish, and India is in the forefront. It is reported that 60 to 65 per cent of our population is below the age of 30 who are going to write and give exams on pa per with pen & pencils. Digital technology has taken off in a big way in Europe but India will take some time to reach that stage. The traditional usage of print and stationery will continue for the foreseeable future.” I would like to appeal all the Stationery Manufacturers and Traders through this medium to stride on the buoyant market and reap maximum benefits as they can without compromising on quality standards. Our collective efforts can also establish a strong identity and will strengthen our stance while convincing the policy makers in India. Lastly I once again request all of you to whole heartedly support our team to accomplish our individual goals as well as common objectives. Currently the Federation is organizing STATIONERY WORLD 2012 every couple of years, surely with the encouraging response to the exhibition FMSMTA will organize Stationery World more frequently to promote our Stationery industry. SHRIRAM DANDEKAR CHAIRMAN F.M.S.M.T.A

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 08:00
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    Faber-Castell India launches COLOP products in India

    FEB-2012 – FC India has signed exclusive marketing and distribution agreement with COLOP, world’s leading brand in self-inking stamps category. PSS recently had the opportunity to speak with the top-management personnel of FC India. We got to know more about this interesting development and the companies future prospects. PSS : The association of Colop and Faber-Castell is limited to Indian market or this is worldwide distribution agreement. Please share some more information on this development. FC INDIA : The association of COLOP and Faber-Castell is for SAARC market only. Faber-Castell has its reach across India and we’ll use this distribution network for making sure that COLOP products are available across India. We have also recruited an exclusive sales team to focus on this range. We’ll include all prominent stamp makers also in our distribution network PSS : What all range of products (stamps/inks/systems & Materials) of Colop will be handled by FC India? FC INDIA : Complete COLOP range would be exclusively handled by FC India. This would include stamps, inks, spare pads and all other related material. In beginning we are introducing only basic skus across categories and gradually more products would be included. PSS : One of the most innovative and appreciated ranges of stamps of Colop is – Green Stamps. How do you plan to introduce it in Indian market? Do you think the consumer here is aware and sensitive for such Green Products? FC INDIA : Yes, Green range of products is one of most innovative range from COLOP. We plan to launch this range once brand is well established in India. Indian market is very price sensitive and we want first the stamp makers and consumers to be aware of basic r ange and later expand range into specialised products. PSS : How would you describe the market for Stamp and marking products in India. How has it mat ured over the years? FC INDIA : Market for stamps is still quite unorganised in India. Rubber stamps with wooden/plastic holders still constitute majority of sales. Small stamp makers with no infrastructure are slowly & gradually moving towards Pre ink and self ink stamps which will change nature of market. Both Pre ink and self ink categories are growing in India but Pre ink stamps esp. low cost options are more preferred. With low cost flash machines now available in the market, cost of making pre ink stamps has come down leading to gradual shift from rubber stamps to pre-ink stamps. PSS : Faber-Castell India has impressive & extensive manufacturing facilities in India. The complete range of Colop products will be imported or do you plan to manufacture some of them here in India at yo ur plants? FC INDIA : Initially we plan to import complete range and after sometime would look into the option of domestic production. PSS : What about the ongoing instability in Forex. There was severe fall in A and recently it has seen some correction though it has still not recovered fully. Did it have any major bearings on your product valuations, margins or pricing strategies? (if any what steps did yo u take overcome it) FC INDIA : Yes, rupee depreciation has been a source of concern to all importers. But we are investing in the COLOP brand and are launching products at competitive prices PSS : Future Plans & Strategies? Growth Prospects FC INDIA : Future is going to be ex citing in this category. We have plans for launch some new products, would share the details at appropriate time.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - 13:15
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    Dear Freinds, After Three Consecutive Exhibitions of STATIONERY WORLD, The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Associations (FMSMTA) are proud to announce its 4th National Exhibition STATIONERY WORLD 2012 which is to be held on 17th, 18th and 19th February 2012 at Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai. Previously the Exhibition was held in 2006, 2008 and 2010 at the same place and it was a grand success. The Stationery World has made its position as the most significant Exhibition for the dynamically growing Industry. Stationery World 2012 will showcase the latest products, new launches, new designs and new ideas for the Industry from all over India as well as International. The main reason of organizing such an event is to make awareness and also promote the Industry. Stationery World is undoubtedly the most popular and powerful meeting place for Manufacturers and Buyers to develop bigger market and also create broader opportunities and for better Brand presence.The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturer and Traders Association (FMSMTA) are the Federation of Stationery Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers and Distributors. The Federation is a link between Stationery Manufacturers, Dealers and Traders conceptualized to strengthen India’s share in the Global Trade. The primary objective of the FEDERATION is to protect the interest of all concerned, to promote B2B trade and create better trade harmony. The main aim of the Federation is to enhance the business relationship within the trade and develop a cordial environment for enhanced growth of the Industry and Trade to the advantage of all manufacturers, traders and consumers and also to safeguard the interest of the Industry altogether. Federation will also endeavour to co-ordinate between various associations and bring unity and uniformity among all. Federation will also deal with all Government related issues and co-ordinate to get a better presentation of the Industry. This 4th Edition of Stationery World 2012 will take the Federation forward to achieve its motto to promote genuine trade in the Industry and nurture the interest of Manufacturers and Traders. This exclusive stationery trade show will offer you a complete variety of Note Books, Paper Stationery, Office Stationery, School Stationery, Computer Stationery, Files & Folders, Writing Instruments, Art Materials etc. It provides an excellent atmosphere to source, discuss and negotiate your business directly with the manufacturers. With the support of other regional and state associations of the stationery industry, the strength of the Federation is further enhanced, making this event the ultimate sourcing point for the Industry. From the word go…., we assure you that the 2012 Edition will create new ripples in the ocean of Stationery. Paper &Stationery Samachar have played a major roll in creating awareness of our Federation. I also thank the Managing Editor, Mr. Kanwal Kumar, the Head of Marketing, Mr. Sumesh and Business Development Manager, Mr. Ashish, and other Personnel, for publishing such write-ups so that the whole Stationery World gets to know about our activities.  Dear Mr. K.K Tuli, I wish a very happy and prosperous new year to the PSS family. Stationery World exhibition is a revolutionary concept in India as it is organized by the biggest federation in Indian stationery industry, FMSMTA. This is the fourth edition and we are receiving huge success in it. Year after year the participation is increasing which is a big motivation for the organizers and the industry. At the end I congratulate you for becoming the media partner, wish you all the success and good luck. Yours faithfully Mahender Chabblani Vice President, FMSMTA Dear Friends & Well-Wishers Heartiest congratulations for organizing Stationery World 2012. This is the fourth consecutive exhibition of The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Associations and the overwhelming response to the earlier three Stationery World exhibitions has apparently boosted our confidence. Stationery World 2012 is indeed a key platform to showcase our stationery products. The exhibition undisputedly is a vital mediator between buyers and sellers and will certainly pave the way for further augmenting our robust Stationery Industry. I also take this opportunity to appreciate the commitment and relentless efforts of the organizers to ensure big success to this mega event. Once again I wish All the Best to STATIONERY WORLD 2012 SHRIRAM DANDEKAR, Jt. Managing Director, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. & Chairman, FMSMTA  Dear Reader, First & foremost let me take the opportunity to wish you a very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012. It is my proud privilege to be associated with a 8 decade old pioneer stationery company where I have myself have had a stint of more than 2 decades. This journey has had many ups and downs and traversed unknown & difficult paths ultimately leading us to excellence. With the valuable support of our channel partners whom we call our partners in progress and our valuable customers, the Kores flag still flies high in the sky. There is no great secret behind this success, but just doing the basics right, being innovative, passionate and making the most of every opportunity. Needless to mention, there have been errors in judgment, mistakes along the way, but all these have only helped us learn and get better. We are also honored to be the Main Sponsors of Stationery World’2012 to be held in February’2012. At present the stationery industry in India is booming and we need to showcase what we have on offer to make this industry much stronger. Over the years, we have been part of Stationery World Exhibition as a participant which gave us the opportunity to understand the stationery market in totality and how aggressive the industry is really getting. With more thrust on education, the market for scholastic products is going up by the day. Besides, automation is playing a very big role in education, which has made product up gradation the rule of the day. Past experience and the present trend indicates the stationery industry to play a very major role in economic growth and I wish each and every one all the very best for making this industry a robust force contributing to the well being of the Indian economy. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Dr. A.K. GARG, (Sr. Vice-President: Marketing & Sales) Kores India Ltd., Mumbai.  Dear Mr. Sumesh I am very glad to know that your magazine Paper Stationery & Samachar has been chosen as the official event magazine media partner for Stationery World 2012. I am fully confident of your magazine’s national and international reach. The sheer enormous size of school and paper stationery industry of India i.e. Rs.9000 cr. makes it one of the most important sector of Indian economy. Further, with the annual growth rate of 15%, this is one of the most lucrative sector also. The demand of the domestic market itself is huge, but with rapidly improving industrial infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities the exports of this sector are also increasing by leaps and bounds. I wish with events like STATIONERY WORLD 2012 we will be able to gain global recognition for the competence of Indian companies and entrepreneurs. Wishing the best for all this New Year and in years to come. Yours faithfully Amrut Shah Chairman, Stationery World 2012, Exhibition Committee, CMD, Sundaram Multi Pap Ltd.  Dear Mr. Kanwal Tuli I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New year. Congratulations for becoming the official media partner for STATIONERY WORLD 2012. FMSMTA, has been formed with the sole objective of development and progress of stationery industry of India. Our Federation has been successfully organizing this hugely popular event for pastt three editions. With this fourth edition we are looking forward to surpass all projections and set new records. Also with your support in promotion and marketing campaigns the success of the event seems even more certain. I take this opportunity to thank all the committee members of FMSMTA for their immense support and selfless teamwork and generous efforts. I also congratulate the whole team of PSS. Your efficient reporting of news and events has opened international avenues for our industry. Through your dedicated magazine we hope to get not only good publicity for the fair but also more number of participants and visitors which will definitely help in enhancing the trade relationship between manufacturers and Traders. I wish PSS magazine all success in their work. Yours faithfully, Paras P. Shah General Sectretary, FMSMTA

    Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 18:30
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    Stationery World 2012

    FEB-2012 – India’s Biggest 4th National Exhibition About Federation The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturer and Traders Association (FMSMTA) is the FEDERATION of Stationery Manufacturers, Traders, Dealers and Distributors. The Federation is a link between Stationery Manufacturers, Dealers and Traders conceptualized to strengthen India’s share in Global Trade. The primary objective of the FEDERATION is to protect the interests of all concerned, to promote B2B trade and create better trade harmony. The federation came into existence in the y ear 2006 and later that year the 1st exhibition of the stationery world a lso took place. The main aim of the Federation is to enhance the business relationship within the trade and develop a cordial environment for enhanced growth of the industry and trade to the advantage of all manufacturers, traders and consumers, and also to safeguard the interest of the industry all together. Federation will also endeavor to co-ordinate between various associations and bring unity and uniformity among all. Federation will also deal all Government related issues and co-ordinate to get a better presentation of the industry. Unveiling the Stationery World… Welcome to the 4th Edition of Stationery World 2012, exclusive B 2B Stationery Trade Fair organized by the Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Associations (FMSMTA) Mumbai and co-organized by Introduction Trade Shows. This event will take the Federation forward to achieve it ’s motto to promote genuine trade in the Industry and nurture the interest of manufacturers & traders. This exclusive stationery trade show will offer you a complete variety of Note Books, Paper Stationery, Office Stationery, School Stationery, Computer Stationery, Files & Folders, Writing Instruments, Art Materials etc. It provides an excellent atmosphere to source, discuss and negotiate your business directly with the manufacturers. With the support of other regional and states associations of the stationery industry, further enhances the strength of the federation, making this event the ultimate sourcing point for the industry. The inception of the stationery world exhibition held in 2006, outset a new history in the stationery exhibition industry. From the word go … we assure you that the 2012 edition will create new ripples in the ocean of stationery. About Expo EXHIBITION STAIONERY WORLD 2012 After the Three consecutive exhibition of STATIONERY WORLD The Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Manufacturers & Traders Associations (FMSMTA) is proud to announce its 4th National Exhibition STATIONERY WORLD 2012. STATIONERY WOLRD has made its position as the most significant exhibition for the dynamically growing industry. Stationery World 2012 will showcase the latest products, new launches, new designs and new ideas for the Industry from all over India as well International. Federation is organizing exhibition since 2006, every alternate year stationery world (i.e. 2008, 2010) at Nehru Centre. The main reason, of organizing such event is to make the awareness and also promote the industry. Stationery World is undoubtedly the most popular and powerful meeting place for Manufacturer & Buyers for to develop bigger market and also create broader opportunities, and for better BRAND PRESENCE. We expect visitors and more then 100 exhibitors participate from all over India as in three days of the exhibition. PSS: chosen as Event Magazine The Federation has chosen the renowned monthly magazine PAPER & STATIONERY SAMACHAR (PSS) as Official Event Magazine Partner. PSS will dedicate its FEB 2012 edition as a Full Colour special edtion for the event STATIONERY WORLD 2012 and to to publish the list of participants as a Fair Directory. List of Associate Trade Associations • The Bombay Stationery Association. • The Books Manufacturers Association Mumbai • Shree Mumbai Notebooks & Stationery Association Masjid Bunder. • Suburban Stationery Vyapari Association • Central Suburban Stationery Vyapari Association. • Bombay Fountain Pen Mfrs. & Traders Association. • The fort merchant Association. • Kalyan Dombivali Book Sellers Stationery Vyapari Association. • Nashik District Book Sellers &Stationery Association

    Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 09:45
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    Luxor looks to pen ‘Nano Clean’ brand extension script

    AUG -2012 – Read the Q&A with DK Jain, Chairman and President, Luxor Group. Media spend to back new product line could touch Rs. 25 crore. Q&A with DK Jain, Chairman and President, Luxor Group Campaign India: Taking Luxor beyond pens into cleansing: did you consider creating a new brand given that the category is unrelated? DK Jain: We thought over this. But finally, our branding team thought that since Luxor has mass distribution in India and internationally, we would retain the name. Our brand has been recognised as a ‘Super brand’ in India and registered as a Trademark (covering all 32 clauses). We are also registered as a Trademark in 126 countries. So we thought keeping the Luxor name would give it a feeling of coming from a renowned brand house and they will believe in our technology and invention. Giving it a new brand name and then reaching the country would make us spend a lot more money on advertising. We picked Amitabh Bachchan as brand ambassador for the same reason (to leverage the equity of the Luxor brand). CI: Would there be more sub-brands under Luxor Nano Clean? DK Jain: Yes. In October, we are looking to launch a cleaner and protector for mobiles, smart phones, laptops and computers. No one has entered this market so far. Following this, we are looking to launch an automobile cleaner for cars and bikes. We also have plans to get into the jewellery (cleaner) market. CI: How long has Luxor been working on the R&D (nanotechnology) behind the product? DK Jain: Our scientists from Austria and Germany have been working on this product for more than 30 years. Luxor has now commercialised this and has worked on this in India for the last two years before finally launching the product on 1 April 2012. CI: Will we see multiple films featuring the brand ambassador? DK Jain: We have made three films. One is currently on air. The next two films will release as and when our new products hit the market. CI: The budget you have outlined is Rs 15 crore (in media reports), as the media spend for the launch… DK Jain: I think we are exceeding this budget. We could be hitting upto 25 crores depending on the launches and the market. CI: How will this budget be spread across media? DK Jain: We’ll have BTL activities at the time of purchase in stores. Our ATL activities include print media and our television commercials. Being a start up (on the product line), we’ve not decided our percentages. CI: Who is the TG for the Luxor Nano Clean range? DK Jain: At the moment, we are only present in the urban markets. ‘Urban’ itself is pretty big in India, so for now that should be sufficient. We might look to expand in the rural market next year. We’re targeting the middle class and above categories as our product is a pretty expensive one. We don’t consider ourselves to have any competition in the market currently, so we can’t compare prices compared to any cleaners. The price will be high enough to match our marketing expenditures. CI: The Luxor Nano website also mentions ‘Happy Hands’, a sanitiser. Is that part of the new range? DK Jain: We thought of launching this in the past. But since many players are in this market already, we have kept the product in the pipeline. We may launch it later this year or may keep it for next year.

    Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 13:30
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    International Paper Ups Synergy Target

    JUNE-2012 – International Paper Company recently held its investor day highlighting its performance, its strategies, and its future growth drivers. The main takeaways from the presentation are elaborated below. The company has raised its synergy expectation from the Temple-Inland acquisition to $400 million (from $300 million) over the first two years and projects earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) at $5.1 billion annually over the next three to four years, up from $3.7 billion in 2011. North America is expected to generate $3.75 billion in EBITDA, with a major contribution of $2.4 billion from Industrial Packaging followed by Printing Papers, Consumer Packaging and Xpedx, each of which contributing $0.66 billion, $0.47 billion and $0.22 billion, respectively. Emerging markets are expected to earn an EBITDA of $1.35 billion, with Latin America and EMEA contributing $0.55 billion and Asia $0.25 billion. The company believes that free cash flow will go up to $2.2 billion from $1.7 billion in 2011. International Paper’s acquisition of Texas-based Temple-Inland is its largest since the August 2008 acquisition of Weyerhaeuser Co.’s corrugated-packaging business for $6 billion. The company generated $10 million in synergies in the first partial quarter of ownership. The combination will fortify the North American packaging business by increasing its share in the corrugated packaging market to 34% from the current 27%. The company also completed the acquisition of a majority stake in a leading Indian paper company, Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited. This transaction made International Paper the first global paper and packaging company to have a significant presence in India’s growing paper and packaging industries. Furthermore, the International Paper Ilim joint venture in Russia has been growing rapidly. It is currently working on two major projects which should be complete by 2012 end. A pulp mill is being modernized, upgraded and expanded in Bratsk, which will be the closest and lowest-delivered-cost softwood pulp mill to China. A new paper machine at Koriatza mill in Russia will be added as the Russian market is growing at about 6% a year. These represent a combined $1 billion of investment and International Paper is expecting over 20% in returns. In China, the International Paper-Sun joint venture is building a new consumer paperboard line that should come online late in 2012. These initiatives will contribute to both earnings and cash flow substantially, going forward. The Franklin Fluff Pulp mill, Sun Joint Venture, Ilim Joint Venture, and Temple–Inland and Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills acquisitions are all expected to be the drivers for 2013-2015. Besides, International Paper is working towards transforming and improving the profitability of its distribution business, xpedx. Improvements are expected in procurement, replenishment of orders, reduced stock keeping units (SKU), and the supply chain (including fewer/larger warehouses). We believe that these initiatives will boost results and be accretive to EPS going forward. We maintain our Neutral recommendation on International Paper. The quantitative Zacks #3 Rank (short-term Hold rating) for the company indicates no clear directional pressure on the shares over the near term Memphis, Tennessee-based International Paper is a global paper and packaging company with operations in North America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia and North Africa. International Paper conducts its businesses through five segments: Printing Papers, Industrial Packaging, Consumer Packaging, Distribution (Xpedx) and Forest Products. International Paper competes with MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV – Analyst Report) and Weyerhaeuser Co. (WY – Analyst Report).

    Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 12:45
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    “Uncles, aunts and neighbours needn’t know my brand; students do”: Karan Kumar

    AUG-2013 – As of last year, ITC’s stationery business was pegged at more than Rs. 700 crore. The goal is to cross the Rs. 1000 crore mark over the next 18 months. ITC’s prior understanding of the paper value chain at a raw material level made notebooks the right product for its foray into stationery, in 2002. The brand was Paperkraft, notebooks for executives. The offering was extended to students with Classmate in 2003. Around 2007, ITC entered the writing and geometry instruments space and in 2010, launched art products with Classmate Colour Crew. A chat with Karan Kumar, marketing manager of ITC’s education and stationery business, comes with the revelation that this seemingly boring category is fascinatingly complicated. Did you know that notebooks have more seasonality of demand than any other stationery item? Or that consumption of art material peaks during school vacations? There’s a lot more where these nuggets came from. Excerpts.Q. : How did ITC approach the stationery category in 2002? Karan Kumar : When we entered with our notebooks, there was hardly anything called a ‘national branded player’ in the space. There were a lot of regional and local players transacting primarily in a particular state or geography. Notebooks were not always asked for by brand. People said, ‘Ek dus rupai ki single line/double line notebook dena’. And among the existing players, quality, consistency, availability and distribution were suspect. It was a clear opportunity. And fundamentally, there was no brand proposition that any of the players offered. It was an extremely transactional, low involvement category where anything sold at a convenient price point got picked up. So, in the case of notebooks, the challenge, and opportunity, was category conversion – from a ‘commodity category’ to a ‘branded category’. The next logical step was to ask ourselves, ‘What are the other complementing non-notebook categories that the same consumer is consuming?’ Q. : How different was the challenge in the writing instruments area? K.K. : Very different. Here, the existing players were nationally branded and nationally penetrated players. We thought, ‘While being a late entrant, how can we have a product and brand proposition that is superior to the ones currently available?’ This was when marketing input, re-thinking what the brand stood for, product portfolio and quality benchmarking became important for us around 2007-08, as we started getting into the non-notebook space. So, with notebooks, we were getting into an unorganised, commoditised space with the challenge to convert it into a branded, nationally penetrated category. And later, for pens and other non-notebook products, the challenge was to compete with existing heritage brands. Q. : Purely from a recall standpoint, Classmate is a lesser known brand compared to some of your competition… K.K. : There are brands that are universally known by mothers, fathers, neighbours, uncles, grandfathers, dogs and cats. As far as we’re concerned, reality is that we’re in a category that, compared to other categories, has relatively smaller margins. Therefore, it is important for our brands to be known by our direct consumers – students – even though they may not be known by the world at large. Uncles, aunts, relatives and neighbours may not know my brand but it scores extremely high among students. Do we get noticed because of front page newspaper advertising? No, and I don’t intend to. Why should I get into a communication strategy that has a huge spill over? I can’t afford, nor do I need, spill over. I don’t have dollars to waste on audiences that are not my valid consumers. Q. : So, what’s your target audience and how well do they know your brands? K.K. : Our brand marketing efforts target students studying in class one to 12, across SEC A and B in all urban markets. We’re doing very well in specific categories. If you go to schools and colleges, Classmate is the first name that comes to mind. And I say this with responsibility; our brand track research shows that our top of mind score — that is, the first unaided mention of our brand — for notebooks is in excess of 55 per cent at an all India level and as high as 75 per cent in some centres. Even in the geometry box category, we’ve struck it well; while in terms of market share Camlin leads, our top of mind recall is almost equivalent to Camlin. And I’m the first to admit we have a long way to go in our other categories, like pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and art materials, which we entered around four years back. It’s a challenge we’re working on. Q. : Tell us more about the nature of your current competition? K.K. : We’re one the few brands trying to have a footprint across all stationery categories. Any stationery product a school-going child needs should come from us – that’s our endeavour. Sure, others have attempted this but their portfolios continue to be limited. In each product category under stationery, the brands we compete with are very different. Yet, the lead competition in each category comprises established, iconic brands that have been around for 50-80 years, with high residual recall. In art stationery and geometry boxes, Camlin is dominant, in pens Cello and Reynolds lead, followed by others like Montex, Lexi, Rotomac, Luxor and Linc. In pencils, we compete with Hindustan Pencils’ brands Nataraj and Apsara. In mechanical pencils, prominent players include Camlin, Cello and Faber-Castell, and in notebooks there are brands like Bilt, Navneet and Sundaram. The landscape that we have in front of us is extremely disparate and disconnected. Most are not recognised or listed companies, many are typical, family-owned, ‘lala’ run operations whose balance sheets are not transparently available. There are businesses that have carried on for generations, making them heritage brands. Some are strong in a particular geography. For us, the challenge is to be as nimble and responsive as possible.

    Friday, October 18, 2013 - 15:30
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    We want more free trade, elimination of policy bottlenecks: Seiko Epson Chief

    Minoru Usui, the Global President of Japanese Company Seiko Epson Corporation, has a passion for technology and innovation. This is obvious in the vast canvas of high precision products manufactured by the company, including inkjet printers, printing systems, 3LCD projectors, industrial robots and micro devices. The company has manufacturing and development facilities in 27 locations around the world. Usui took over the company’s reins in 2008 in the midst of the turmoil caused by the global financial crisis. By 2014, he has been able to turn the fortunes of the company and embody in its products the company’s tagline — “Exceed Your Vision.” Usui spoke to Business Line during a recent trip to its core device production facilities in Nagano, Japan. Excerpts from the interview: Q. : Several Japanese companies have manufacturing bases in India. With the Narendra Modi government bullish on attracting investments into the country, is Seiko Epson planning anything big for India? Minoru Usui : India is an attractive market to cater to. We can consider it. But we find there are several issues in India. Each State has different rules and regulations and when it comes to taxation and other policy matters, India is not so great for investment at the moment. Q. : What would you like from the India-Japan tax treaty, if it had to be renegotiated? M.U. : We would obviously want more free trade, elimination of existing bottlenecks and much more freedom in policy. Q. : How do you view the emerging markets and are there any different or unique marketing strategies that you use to sell your products in India? M.U. : Our strategy is to study the emerging economies and find out what precisely customers in these countries want. Then, we work on our research and development to be able to provide them the appropriate product. In India, we found that in the printers category, consumers are looking for high quality products at low running costs. That’s what we have provided them through our L-series printers. We find that Indians are very keen on entertainment and love watching movies, so we have produced home theatre projectors that are of high digital quality and suit the pocket. Our interactive white boards using high precision technology are ideally suited for the emerging educational segment. Q. : Do you feel you are going to increase market share in printers, projectors and white boards in India in the future? What kind of potential do you see? M.U. : In the Indian market and other markets as well, the key point is not just to create market share. It’s to create fantastic products that exceed the vision of the buyer. The result of that will be market share. So, market share is more of an effect than an aim for Epson. Every company wants to be No. 1 and I am no exception to that. However, for me, it’s not simply good enough to defeat the opposition. What we have to do is to go to markets like India and really understand what Indian people want from the products we have and create products to answer those needs. If that means doing something very different from the others, that’s what we will do. Q. : There is also a luxury market in India that’s quite large and we are seeing that your sensing health products and smart glasses could address this market perfectly. In the near future, will you test-market any of these products in India? M.U. : I’m thinking very carefully about the Indian market now. Perhaps, we have to change the way we do business in India. As you said, there are very large income disparities in India and the rich are much richer than the rich in Japan, but the majority of the people have a much more basic lifestyle, so in the future, we would have to put in place a strategy where we could address each part of society with our products. Q. : Epson is an India shy company. Many MNCs have invested here, but you have not. Ours is a country of over a billion people, what’s your India vision? M.U. : Until a few years ago, the Indian Epson operations actually reported to Singapore. However, two years ago, we realised that this was not the ideal situation, so I made the Indian operations separate from Singapore and now, it reports directly to Japan. So, we have invested a lot in building the operations in India and put a lot of efforts into recruiting good people and developing the staff. We hope to do a lot more in India in the future. Q. : During the global economic crisis, your company went through a tough time. It’s in the last few years that you have managed to go forward. What did you learn from those troubled times? M.U. : While we went through a tough time, we realised that we had to review our situation carefully and recognise what our strengths were. When the times are tough, you have to be selective in what you do… that’s what we did to go forward. Source:

    Thursday, February 12, 2015 - 13:30