Make paper used for currency notes in India: Modi

SEP-2012 – Emphasizing the need for research in finding newer raw materials to produce paper, chief minister Narendra Modi said paper for printing currency notes should be made in India. “It is a matter of disgrace that the paper printing Mahatma Gandhi’s watermark on the currency notes should be imported,” he said. Modi was talking at the inaugural function of the 51st All India Paper Traders’ Conference in India. Modi said that Gujarat is a major producer of paper in the country. It is for the first time the conference is being held in Ahmedabad. “Per capita consumption of paper is low in India and is a big importer of paper too. There is scope for increasing production, as well as research to find newer sources of raw materials, besides recycling waste papers,” he said. He cited Navsari Agricultural University’s experiment in producing paper from the barks of banana tree. Drumbeating about infrastructure in Gujarat Modi invited paper manufacturers to the state on first day of the three-day conference.
Saturday, March 2, 2013
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