Mission Ball Pen - A tonne of used ball pens to be recycled

Pen & Stationery Association of India celebrated 50th foundation day

Student volunteers from 25 schools take part in Mission Ball Pen


Used ball pens weighing more than a tonne were collected from all over the district as part of Mission Ball Pen, an initiative of Swasthy Foundation in Kozhikode, in an effort to reduce plastic waste and highlight the need to recycle it. Student volunteers from 25 schools collected used ball pens from their neighbourhood and handed them over to the Swasthy team. The closing ceremony of the campaign for the year 2017-18 was held at Malabar Christian College Higher Secondary School, where the schools handed over the pens collected over the year. The collected pens that weighed 106 kilograms were exhibited at the venue.

Environmentalist T.V. Rajan was the guest of honour at the event, in which AUP School, Kottur and NGO Quarters Higher Secondary School that performed well in the initiative were honoured.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018