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    स्टेशनरी  विक्रेता एवं निर्माता एसोसिएशन, लखनऊ का होली मिलन कार्यक्रम चारबाग स्थित, होटल स्योना रेजीडेंसी में आयोजित किया गया।

    इस कार्यक्रम में मुख्य रूप से उत्तर प्रदेष के उप-मुख्यमंत्री डा॰ दिनेष शर्मा, कैबिनेट मंत्री बृजेष पाठक और विधायक पंकज सिंह पहुंचे।

    स्टेशनरी एसोसिएशन के अद्द्यक्ष जीतेन्द्र सिंह चैहान के द्वारा उप मुख्यमंत्री डॉ. दिनेष शर्मा को किया को सम्मानित किया गया। उप मुख्यमंत्री डा॰ दिनेष शर्मा ने सम्बोधित करते हुए कहा कि वह बहुत प्रसन्न है कि स्टेशनरी काॅपी और किताब व्यवसाइयों ने आज कार्यकर्म आयोजित किया और कहा की हमें सयुक्त परिवार की परिकल्पना को जिन्दा रखना होगा।

    विधायक पंकज सिंह ने कहा कि वह हमेशा  स्टेशनरी काॅपी और किताब व्यवसाइयों के सुख दुःख में साथ है और जरूत पडने पर व्यापारीगण उनको याद कर सकते है। कैबिनेट मंत्री बृजेष पाठक ने कहा कि चंूकी स्टेशनरी थोक बाजार मुख्य रूप से मध्य विधानसभा में स्थित है इसलिये व्यापारियों ने जो सम्मान दिया उसके लिए वह आभार व्यक्त करते है। 

    Thu, 04/04/2019
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    Lodha Offset, INDIA has launched a variety of Notebook Designs for their ODM business in European Market. PSS got the opportunity to meet Samit and Namit Lodha the two bright and young Directors of the Company at the event. Taking some time out of their busy schedules of meetings with buyers at their booth B.70 in Hall 1.1, Samit Lodha graciously showed us the creative and eye catching designs.

    Apart from a large variety of designs, the four most sought after and hot selling designs of the season that garnered maximum inquiries were –

    1. Reversible Sequined Design Range
    2. Selfie slot design Notebook
    3. And Velvet Flocking Designs
    4. Holographic with Raised or embossed feel

    The reversible Sequined Designs particularly stood out with beautiful patterns of Sequined designs on Notebook covers. These designs would change both colour and pattern when one slides his/her fingers through to sequins and change their direction.

    We offer a whole range of customized design and patterns for Notebooks and other School and Office Stationery products” said Samit. He further added “The technology that goes behind printing our range of products is absolutely at par with International Standards, including the Inks that we use. The paper is sourced directly from reputed Mills in India that adhere to FSC standards required for Exports Market.

    On being asked about competition from Chinese products Namit also joined our conversation and said that their products don’t get compared with Chinese, as Lodha Offset products offer much superior quality in terms of our FSC certified Paper, Printing services and innovative designs.

    Sat, 30/03/2019
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    Gujarat’s Stationery & Gift Show​ is going to open its door at the Gujarat University Convention and Exhibition Centre (GUCEC), Ahmedabad, India from 15th Feb. and it will be there till 17th Feb.2019. 


    • Participated : Exhibitors : 120 + Exhibitors
    • Association with Join Us : 21 Association Across India
    • Visitors : 13,000+Stationery Trade Channel 4500+IT Tradeline 5000+Corporate Clients & NGOs, 500+School Mangt.
    • Admission Policy* : Free for Invitees & Traders

    Rejuvenate your Business & Brands with “Gujarat’s Stationery & Gift Show”

    The most important upcoming event on India’s calendar as a leading trade fair for IT, Stationery & Gifting Products. It is three days brimming event with the latest products, innovations and development across the section.

    Why Gujarat’s Stationery & Gift Show ?

    • Single Platform for three concurrent industries IT consumables / Stationery / Corporate Gifting. Focused on B2B ( Trade channel - MFG to Retail)/ Bulk buyers ( Corporate Clients, NGOs & School Management )
    • Perfect Timing & Platform to showcase innovative product range & boosts demand for next season. 
    • Value addition for Brands & upcoming brands by direct getting the clients & large targeted audience. Opportunity to sense the real market requirements about the products.
    • Platform to arrange Live Demonstrations & Product Awareness.
    • Direct interaction with Bulk Buyers / Corporate Clients / Distributors & Dealers / Exporters More than 1 lac direct Invitations will be distributed across India.
    • Expected Visitors approx 25000+ [ 80% West Zone    ( Guj / Raj / MP / MH ) + 20% Rest India ]
    • Lucrative Territory: Gujarat : Fastest Growing & Business Friendly State of India.
    • Venue : Award Winning Exhibition Center with nearby Accommodations & Transportation Connectivity.

    Exhibitor’s Profile:

    • School Stationery I Office Stationery I Writing Instruments I Drawing Materials
    • Office Products - Automation I Gifting Products I Book Seller - Publisher I Papers IT & Computer Peripherals I Surveillance I Software / Web Developers
    • OEM Manufacturers I Electronics I Mobility I Photo Goods.

    Visitor’s Profile:

    • Exporter I Importer I Manufacturers IC&FI Super Stockiest I Distributors I Dealers Retailers I Corporate Client I NGOs I Schools / Colleges Management.

    Organised by:

    Twilight Events

    Mon, 04/02/2019
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    Line O Matic Graphic Industries, India is participating in Printpack India 2019 Exhibition (01 - 06 FEB. 19) Noida with 588 sq. meters to showcase its latest range of machines for exercise notebook industry. 

    Line O Matic is launching -

    1.  New variant in Bolt RB Series i.e. Bolt RB104 MAX  –  Fully Automatic Exercise Book Machine, having speed of 500 meters per minute and converting stroke of 80 cycles per minute. It is most advanced machine with cutting edge technology.
    2. SWM 100 – Automatic Continuous motion Shrink Wrapping Machine. New entrant in Line O Matic Product  basket for wrapping of notebooks. It is sturdy, fast, safe and easy to operate.

    !!! Line O Matic will uncover most sophisticated technological advancement of Bolt RB104 MAX & SWM 100 in Printpack India 2019 at Hall # 09, Stand # E43 !!! 

    Line O Matic also displaying existing range of machines:-

    SHS 104S - Super High Speed Ruling/Flexo Printing Machine & Uno B104 - Exercise Book Binding Machine. Both are offline machines to make soft cover staple pin type exercise notebooks.
    This is an excellent opportunity for companies or entrepreneur who wants to enter into exercise notebook manufacturing segment or want to diversify business… to see our Fully Automatic and Semi-Automatic machines on single platform and to avail special offers and discounts…


             Never Seen Before…
    Kindly refer: for more details. 

    Tue, 29/01/2019
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    Although every year during the festive season, the Indian markets are flooded with products and innovations for the stationery and corporate gifting sectors, there is still an evident gap between the corporate buyers and sellers. Entering into an alliance with Gifts & Accessories Exhibition Division, Messe Frankfurt Pvt Ltd, will host Stationery & Write Show presented by Paperworld bringing a gamut of top quality products from the industry at Bombay Exhibition Center in 2019.

    Stationery is no more restricted to just schools, colleges and universities. Good stationery adds a touch of professionalism to the company. It inculcates a sense of trust and legitimacy amongst the employees, clients and customers. Although the demand for stationery is still high from the education sector, the corporate world is reported to be the second highest consumer of stationery and other writing materials. Good quality stationery also works as a very good option for business gifting. From multipurpose table top, desk organisers and card holders to diary organisers and pen sets, companies can come up with personalised options to reinforce their branding.

    As much as traditional gifts like sweets, cash and greeting cards are deep rooted in the Indian society, corporate businesses are trying to up their game by exploring innovative options that will help them build strong relationships with their employees and create better brand recall opportunities with their clients.

    Companies, be it big or small, are going out of the way to attract both their employees, customers, business associates or other benefactors.

     But buying the right kind of corporate gift is crucial as it is a way to bring value to the customers, business partners and staff members.

    With the market looking so profitable considering the amount of options available, it is important to bridge the gap between corporate gift buyers and the suppliers giving them exposure and a vast range for selection.

    *The size of Indian corporate and personal gifting market put together in 2017 was about USD 34.72 billion where festival gifting stood at USD 7.5 billion, and corporate gifting at USD 2.5 billion. **The global gifting market is estimated to be USD 475 billion and India is expected to be one of the strongest contributor by 2024. The gifting industry in the country is expected to touch USD 84 billion by 2024 from USD 65 million with corporate gifting enjoying a major section of the market, accounting for more than 80 per cent of all gifting items.

    The possibilities for purchasing corporate gifts are endless but it is important to engage the right audience with the products they need. Stationery & Write Show presented by Paperworld consider major aspects like trusted sellers, quality products, cost – effective options and innovation making it a suitable platform for the buyers from the IT industry, real estate, FMCG’s, advertising and the events industry. The show will be co-located with Corporate Gifts Show and is scheduled to be held from 9 – 12 January 2019 at the Bombay Exhibition Center, the co-located shows aim to be a single point of contact to source the latest trends in gifting, merchandising and stationery industry.

    A few quintessential points companies must consider while selecting corporate gifts are:

    • Understanding the need: Selecting different gifts for different clients could be painstaking. But it is essential to look for products that is sold by trusted sellers and is in accordance with the culture.
    • Personalisation is key: Most corporate gifts are embellished with the name, tagline and logo of their company, to create a lasting impact. The company must consider quality gifts to help enhance the personalisation. 
    • Timing: Although most companies prefer gifting during the month of December, corporate gifts can be given during other important days too. A company must know the right contacts who will be able to provide them with the right  products. This will ensure brand awareness and encourage the employees to perform better in the long run.
    • Consider options: The market is filled with endless amount of options for corporate gifts. It is necessary to bring these sellers under one roof to help buyers evaluate the products depending on their cost- effectiveness and innovation.
    Sat, 22/12/2018
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    द तमिलनाडु पेन मैन्युफैक्चरर्स एंड डीलर एसोसिएषन की 28 वीं एजीएम, होटल रेजेंटा सेंट्रल डेक्कन में आयोजित हुई।  इस को रेनॉल्ड्स पेन कंपनी ने स्पाॅन्सर किया और करीब 250 सदस्यों ने आकर मीटिंग को सफल बनाया । 

    मुख्य अतिथि श्री जयराम चेन्नई के डिस्ट्रीब्यूटर श्री भवरलाल और श्री प्रकाष ने मीटिंग की प्रषंसा की एसोसिएषन के अध्यक्ष श्री मोहनलाल और श्री सचिव चंदनमल ने एसोसिएषन के कार्याे की विस्तार से जानकारी दी और के सफल होने का पूरा श्रेय कमेतती के सभी सदस्यों को दिया।

    Thu, 25/10/2018
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    Pen & Stationery association of India organized a glittering function to celebrate its 50th Foundation Day on 22nd June, 2018 to launch the Golden Jubilee year. Honorary Secretary, Shri Sunil Ghelani welcomed the Members & Guests. He appreciated the efforts to produce 3000 million Ball Pens during last year and congratulated them for the achievement.

    President, Shri Rajesh Bohra in his address informed the Members that a humble beginning in 1949 making few thousand Pens has now grown to produce 3000 million Ball Pens per year. India is now one of the largest producers of Pens and Ball Pens and it is an achievement worth appreciating. There is a great opportunity in India for the production of Pens & stationery product for the domestic and International market.


    During the function 20 Members were felicitated for becoming the Golden Members of the Association. All the Golden Members were presented Appreciation Memento.

    All the Past office bearers of the Association were honoured with the Award of Appreciations. Mr. Snehal Kamdar, well known Chartered Accountant presented his views and suggestions on the matter of Insolvency & Bankruptcy and its effect on MSME. He warned that the Creditors will be the last one after Banks, Govt. Dues, to receive their dues from the funds generated from the disposal of the Assets of the Insolvent or Bankrupt entity.

    The presentation of the upcoming Plastiworld by Shri Haren Sanghavi Co-Chairman Plastiworld 2019 impressed the Members and the Guests. The Members and Association assured their full support after watching the presentation.

    The Chief Guest of the Function Shri Lalit Kanodia, President IMC chamber of commerce & Industry in his address emphasized the importance of innovation to fight the growing competition in the manufacturing sector.

    The Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour congratulated the Association on the 50th Foundation Day and appreciated the efforts of the Association for assisting the Members to resolve their issues pertaining to Taxes, Lack of Government funding. They expressed their confidence in the Association to bring forth the knowledge of the latest innovations & trends in the Market and look forward to take the Industry to the next Level.

    The Past President Mr. M.B. Desai proposed the Vote of thanks and the function concluded with Dinner and Cocktails.

    Shri Lalit kanodia, Preisident IMC chamber of commerce & industry was chief guest of the function & following were the guest of honour of the function.

    Shri Arvind Mehta    -   Chairman, Governing Council, AIPMA     
    Shri Chandrakant Turakhia    -   Vice President, AIPMA West Zone       
    Shri M.B. Desai    -   Past president of Association        
    Shri Paras Shah    -   President, Federation of Maharashtra Stationery Mfrs & Trader Association             
    Shri Prakash Soni    -   Chairman, Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
    Shri Santosh Reveshia    -   Chairman, Doms Industries Pvt. Ltd

    Sat, 18/08/2018
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    "Children may need certain books and stationery items, and young people are usually undeterred by the time and weather when they really want to do something. We are organizing certain other activities to add to the excitement of the fair, and are hoping that the fair takes on the look and feel of a lively and entertaining event." said Mr. D.K Jain, General Manager, ITPO.

    Recently, PSS got the opportunity to speak with Mr. D.K Jain, General Manager, ITPO. He is incharge of the very popular and upcoming show DBF 2018 and SF 2018. Here are the few excerpts of the interview.

    Q. As an avid reader, and customer, we have been visiting the Delhi Book Fair regularly and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope to see even more participation of renowned publishers and Stationery and Office Supplies companies as there seemed to have been some decline in the quality and participation, over a couple of years in the past. What are your thoughts?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: The World Book Fair having a larger canvas and international participation has a better appeal for the major publishers.  Delhi Book Fair is organised on much smaller size and scale.  Nevertheless, Delhi Book Fair because of its better organisational features and timing coinciding with academic session has become very popular and is also attracting major publishers.  Initially, World Book Fair was held very alternate year leaving sufficient space and gap for Delhi Book Fair.  Now, since World Book Fair has become an annual affair there is some impact on the participation because of this reason.  However, as Delhi Book Fair which is a B to C event, is dedicated to publishers mostly from Delhi and NCR and has other events like Stationery Fair, Office Automation Fair and Corporate Gifts Fair concurrently has proved highly successful in drawing crowds from Delhi and NCR region. 

                    The World Book Fair, which is B to B and B to C event is organised in the beginning of the year, which is not very suitable for procurement of books and stationery by the end users i.e. students, academicians, etc.  The Delhi Book Fair has been conceptualised as a focused event which provides much needed platform for Delhi and NCR based audiences.

                    Over the years, the sales for these publishers has been on the decline given the fact that people are losing the reading habit or moving to the digital platforms to read books.  All these factors have had an adverse effect and have become a problem. The other major problem is the lack of funds from the government for the Delhi Book Fair. We are sure that this time round you will find a marked improved in the standards given that we have received a good response from the publishers, and the stationery and office supplies firms.


    Q. As a consumer, I believe that the organization of the fair and quality of the books are the main criteria to attract crowds. What are your thoughts?

    Mr. D.K. Jain:  While we do not have control over the content of the books - what we can do is provide a good location and area for the exhibition and the publishing industry, which we have been doing year on year.  We are also in discussions with the Federation to bring good publishers, however, if good publishers do not take part, then the fair is affected and then visitors are disappointed – I agree.

                    We have asked FIP to contact all their publishers to attend and make the fair a resounding success. I am certain that you will see the difference in the Fair this time round, since we have also invited major Stationery and Office Supplies Vendors.


    Q. What are the dates for the Delhi Book Fair? Do you think the weather will have any role to play in the attendance of visitors to the fair?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: The Fair this year is being held from August 25 to September 2 from 10am to 7.30pm. The publishing industry feels this is the best time for the fair.  We believe that the weather would not play a role since avid readers and youngsters are undeterred by these factors. In any case, a large number of visitors use the Metro, which provides great connectivity throughout Delhi and from Gurgaon.

                    In addition, there are now air-conditioned buses and pool cabs too. The attendance from schools and colleges is expected to be high, and they usually use their own conveyance to ferry students to the venue.


    Q. Would it would be better to hold the fair during school and college breaks – your thoughts please.

    Mr. D.K. Jain: Organizing the Delhi Book Fair in December, would not be feasible since it would be too close to the World Book Fair event. We want a safe gap since we are partnering even with the World Book Fair we want people to visit both fairs. 

                    Additionally, since the new academic session for schools and colleges would have started, children may need certain books and stationery items, and young people are usually undeterred by the time and weather when they really want to do something.

                    We are organizing certain other activities to add to the excitement of the fair, and are hoping that the fair takes on the look and feel of a lively and entertaining event.


    Q. What other events will be coinciding with the Delhi Book Fair?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: There will be events within the fair including stationery, office automation – children will be able to buy some excellent stationery and other items – all things that are connected with books and studying in some way. There will also be a section of corporate gifting, within the stationery and office supplies fair, which would be of interest to the organizations visiting the fair.

                    The trend may have declined over the past some years, but such fairs are here to stay. We are certain that the relevance and charm of physical books, and bright colorful stationery is unlikely to fade.

                    The reading habit is returning and we are happy to change with the times and incorporate technology to attract more visitors and top quality publishers and stationers. Amazon visited the fair last year, and may come again this year, as would other major publishers.


    Q. What about Entry Fee and which Gates would people be able to access the Fair?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: Entry is now FREE to encourage more people to visit. We want people to interact with authors – although it is a bit premature to say which authors would be visiting. Things are shaping well for this year’s fair, and with the space being sold out we can say that the demand for such events is still quite high. Publishers will be visiting, which means that they too are hopeful of getting reasonable business. Entry Gates will be From 1, 8 and the Metro Gate to Gate 10. There will be a shuttle service too – from the entry gates to the main venues.


    Q. What other facilities can visitors expect?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: There will be water, security, food as always. There is a separate space for cultural activities and we have contacted colleges to organize certain activities, and we too will organize author of the day, best publishers, and more, with whom visitors would be able to interact. The Stationery and Office Supplies and Automation Fair too, is sure to grab attention and draw in the crowds.


    Q. How will you ensure that schools and colleges will attend?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: We have sent them mailers, and are waiting for the response and are expecting a good response.


    Q. Large scale renovation and construction is on – please share the efforts that you have made to ensure that visitors do not face any inconvenience.

    Mr. D.K. Jain: To start with there is no dust pollution since the digging of the foundation is completed, and with the rain all the debris and mud has settled down. We are making every effort to keep noise and inconvenience to the visitors to a minimum by ensuring that access points are away from the major construction. The shuttle service would take visitors directly to Exhibition Halls.


    Q. What is the aim of the ongoing redevelopment – what will you be adding/ upgrading?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: New buildings, new infrastructure, underground parking for 5000 cars, skywalk straight from metro station, beautiful surroundings, more greenery, better food. The new complex will have a state-of-the-art Convention Centre with a seating capacity of about 7000 persons, and the exhibition space will be increased to 1.19sqmtrs (from the current 65,000sqmtrs).  A Grade Separator is also under construction at the Mathura Road and Bhairon Road junction, to ease traffic congestion and keep a smooth flow. There will also be direct connectivity from the subway from Mathura Road to Ring Road across to Pragati Maidan. These changes are being orchestrated with our own resources, and no grant from the government. The renovation should be completed by November 2019.

    Fri, 17/08/2018
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    Student volunteers from 25 schools take part in Mission Ball Pen


    Used ball pens weighing more than a tonne were collected from all over the district as part of Mission Ball Pen, an initiative of Swasthy Foundation in Kozhikode, in an effort to reduce plastic waste and highlight the need to recycle it. Student volunteers from 25 schools collected used ball pens from their neighbourhood and handed them over to the Swasthy team. The closing ceremony of the campaign for the year 2017-18 was held at Malabar Christian College Higher Secondary School, where the schools handed over the pens collected over the year. The collected pens that weighed 106 kilograms were exhibited at the venue.

    Environmentalist T.V. Rajan was the guest of honour at the event, in which AUP School, Kottur and NGO Quarters Higher Secondary School that performed well in the initiative were honoured.

    Sun, 22/07/2018