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    Sofia Lee a young Product designer from Hong Kong showed us – MAGCON, an innovative compass.

    To describe it in her own words “The most versatile drawing tool”. MagCon, the compass has a cylindrical metal center piece that works as an axis without poking any hole in the paper. MAGCON comes in 2 different pack sizes containing 2 and 3 attachments respectively. Two of these are scales of different sizes with Precisely printed measurements. The other one is a curvy stencil containing different shapes and patterns. These scales and stencils cling to the center piece with a strong magnetic force.

    And with in few seconds of this set up it becomes supper easy to draw curves and patterns with smooth draw of hand through these stencils. Sofia said “My product is getting very popular among Designers and Architects. Many of them have reported several additional usages.” She further added “They told me that many complicated curves and designs that used to take a lot of time can now be done within a few minutes.

    Sofia has launched this product under her company called Ddiin Concept Ltd.


    For more details on this brilliant Compass you may visit the company website:-

    Wed, 08/01/2020
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    PSS got the opportunity to use and feel the Rolls Royce of CHALKS. Yes! We are not joking. If ever chalks could be categorized just like cars, then HAGOROMO chalks would be considered as the Rolls Royce.

    HAGOROMO chalks were first manufactured by a Family run company in Japan which developed and maintained the formula for past three generations. The users of this chalk included Professors and Teachers of some of the most reputed Collages and Institutes around the world. As a matter of fact many of them have created their own theories to describe the joy and blissfulness they feel while using this chalk. One of the Professor said – "The legend around this Chalk is that, its impossible to write a False theorem with this chalk", while the other one said "I assume the special ingredient is Angel’s Tears".

    (please visit the Youtube link given at the bottom to hear the full story)

    These professors have been such ardent users of this chalk that they literally started hoarding whole boxes and cartons full of HAGOROMO chalks when they got of know that the Japanese firm is closing down and these would no longer be available in the market.

    Then came HYEONG-SEOK SHIN, CEO of SEJONGMALL Co. Ltd. Korea who turned out to be a rescuer of this cult chalk. He himself was a Bulk purchaser of this Chalk. But when the Japanese Co. decided to down shutters, he convinced them of his true love for the Chalk and also that he was totally worthy to carry forward the legacy of HAGOROMO Chalks in its pure essence.

    PSS met Hyeong-Seok Shin at Hong Kong Stationery Show this year. We look forward to see the chalk in the Indian Market soon. We hope some of the our readers would soon consider this as great business opportunity.

    Wed, 08/01/2020
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    In times when artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality are making their presence felt in every sector, these five startups are using technology to mix entertainment with education.

    But as new-age as it might sound, edutainment is not an entirely novel concept. It has existed as part of oral tradition, in the form of fables and parables for ages, driving home key values and lessons to young learners. Only with time, these mediums have been taken over by tech tools, replacing traditional pedagogical techniques with gamified apps and storytelling with an interactive experience.

    Slow and steady for sure, but entrepreneurs closer to home have set the ball rolling for the Indian edutainment market. If the various market reports are any indication, at the moment, this sector accounts for a whopping $6 billion market share. And this vertical is only bound to grow from here, thanks to a renewed interest from a host of innovative domestic startups that have taken upon themselves to blur the lines between “Education with Entertainment”.

    At the heart of this segment, though, the idea remains the same: To make learning seamless by engaging students and young learners – mostly aged 12 and below – in fun and immersive experiences through the means of smartphones and other internet-connected devices, virtual reality-powered tools, and other gamified digital learning content.    
    Here’s a look at 5 such Indian startups who are bridging the gap between education and entertainment in India:


    Ontamo Entertainment – Ria Rabbit 

    That quality tech has penetrated deeper into the pockets of India 2.0 – or Bharat – when compared to quality education and good educational infrastructure shouldn’t come as a surprise. But what should indeed raise concern is how little thought is put into the curation of edutainment content for the youngest consumers in India, aged six and below. 
    Mumbai-based Ontamo Entertainment, which is dedicated to creating original, monetisable intellectual properties for all age groups across multiple channels, understood this concern and developed a premier product called Ria Rabbit. It is, as the company claims, India’s first age-appropriate, culturally relevant home-grown intellectual property for children in the age group of zero to six years.

    "Since young minds are especially impressionable, it is imperative to ensure that children are exposed to age appropriate content, The core idea is to offer an engaging and organic paradigm that captures the attention of our young audience while inculcating within them a passion for learning." - Co-founder and CEO of Ontamo Entertainment, Prashant Pinge.


    Panda & Wolf Holding – Eco-warriors 

    Why restrict the benefits of edutaiment to maths and sciences, when it can be used to create a deeper and long-lasting impact on young minds and raise awareness about the environment? With this in mind, husband-wife duo Veda and Brian Dean – the founders of Panda & Wolf Holding – created a mobile gaming app for children between the age of six and 11 to create an awareness about the environmental crisis across the world.Through an engaging storyline and immersive stages, the app – which has even received the patronage of UNESCO – informs young users about issues plaguing the environment like deforestation, waste pollution, and overconsumption.

    "We wanted to explain what pollution really is or how saving the environment or waste sorting can be done in a way that makes it interesting for kids, and more importantly, educates them, This mix of gamification and game-based learning in eco-warriors has proven to be effective when one wants to educate kids, and for us it is a better way to align technology and edutainment." - Founders of Panda & Wolf Holding, Veda and Brian Dean.



    His ideas are reflected in his entrepreneurial endeavour as well. His edutainment startup, ConveGenius, launched in 2014, is creating pedagogical techniques and content that are entertaining, have inherent educational value, and incentivise kids to learn so as to have more fun. 

    The idea is to create an ecosystem that is designed to educate children by bringing in elements of fun, entertainment and associated rewards, simultaneously. And to do so, the startup aggregates content of all the best players in the market and makes it available in the right sequence and right manner.

    "Learning is driven by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational methods. Just providing quality digital content ensures learning for only those kids who are intrinsically motivated to study, Kids who prefer playing, watching TV, and fun over learning have to be extrinsically motivated." -  Founder and CEO of ConveGenius, Jairaj Bhattacharya.


    Paper Boat Apps – Kiddopia  

    Contrary to conventional belief, gaming has been proven to work as a positive reinforcement in the learning process. Not only does it make the entire process more engaging but also boosts cognitive development in people, especially children. 

    This idea, having received validation from various researchers, has over time fuelled many a business prospect, one of them being children-focussed edutainment studio Paper Boat Apps. 

    The bootstrapped startup, founded in 2013 by husband-wife duo Anupam and Anshu Dhanuka, works towards building world-class edutainment apps for preschool kids.
     Their flagship product is the Kiddopia app, which offers a wide array of interactive games and activities that help foster self-expression, cognitive development, and social-emotional learning.

    Such has been the popularity of this model that Kiddopia currently boasts more than 2.5 million downloads globally with over one lakh active subscribers.


    Shirsa Labs 

    For Mumbai-born Sukhada Tendulkar, bittersweet memories of childhood served as a major inspiration when she embarked on the entrepreneurial path. Her aim was to create something that would leverage life-like simulations of the digital world to take children on virtual tours of varied concepts. 

    The result was Shirsa Labs - a quality digital platform for kids aged between five and 15 years with which they can play and get entertained while learning in an organic way. 

    Their offerings include Planet of GUI, which is a goal-oriented virtual world for kids with videos, games, and worksheets, NewsPIK, a digital newspaper for children, and also a B2B product to instill creativity in schools’ curricula.


    Wed, 11/12/2019
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    Avision self-service copier is a unique product in the market. It can provide the printing and copy service in public areas such as airport, government offices, banks, schools, libraries and hotels. People will be able to print and copy by searching for Avision SSC nearby. In the first year itself, we plan to set up 3,000 locations and within three years to 10,000 units.

    Taiwan-based Avision has launched what it claims to be the world's first self-service copier (SSC) machine in India. Designed for the Indian market, the X2030 self-service copier integrates cloud printing, mobile payment and IoT technology to offer printing and copy service to the public, eliminating the need for a computer or service personnel.

    Making the copier easy to operate, the machine will have a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen display. One doesn't need to connect it to an Ethernet cable. Now, it has been Wi-Fi-enabled (4G). The machine will be equipped with high-yield 4,000-page toner cartridges, will have a 250-sheet capacity tray and can print up to 30 copies per minute. It will also support mobile, cloud and USB printing and ID card copying. The machines can work 24/7.

    Claire Sung, Marketing Head, Avision says, "Avision self-service copier is a unique product in the market. It can provide the printing and copy service in public areas such as airport, government offices, banks, schools, libraries and hotels. People will be able to print and copy by searching for Avision SSC nearby. In the first year itself, we plan to set up 3,000 locations and within three years to 10,000 units." As Avision and its partners will invest in the copiers and system, the company expects to break even by six to 12 months.
    Most end-users in the country don't invest in a printer/copier because cartridges run dry quickly if not used regularly. Users often rely on the local photocopy and document-printing shops set up in every locality.  



    Mon, 09/12/2019
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    The Canon Pixma TS5320 does a fine job with text, graphics, and especially photos, making it a good basic AIO for families who require moderate printing and copying.

    Near the bottom of the pecking order in Canon's TS series of consumer-grade Pixma photo printers, the Pixma TS5320 Wireless All-in-One ($99.99) is an upgrade to the TS5120 reviewed here in March 2018. Like most of Canon's photo-centric TS all-in-ones (print, copy, and scan), the TS5320 is relatively slow but prints quite well, especially photos. Another thing it shares with most TS series Pixmas is a steep consumables cost per page, making it best as a low-volume print and copy solution for family and home office use.

    Choosing the Right Pixma

    Without counting previous versions, the TS series consists of one single-function (print-only) machine, the Pixma TS702, and a handful of multifunction models with built-in scanners for making copies and scanning documents and photos. Located just above the Pixma TS3320 in price and features, today's budget-oriented TS5320 is one of the more basic of the bunch, with the wide-format, scrapbook- and crafting-oriented TS9521c flagship leading the pack.

    That last one is, along with its Editors' Choice Pixma TS9520 sibling, the most feature-rich and fastest. Both, for instance, have automatic document feeders (ADFs) for sending multipage documents to the scanner, whereas the other TS models have only flatbed scanners capable of capturing just one page at a time.

    Two of the higher-end, letter-size (8.5 by 11-inch) Pixmas, the TS9120 and TS8320, boast six ink cartridges: They deploy not only the familiar four CMYK colors but a Photo Black ink for darkening text and enriching black areas in photos and a Photo Blue that increases the printer's color range and augments blue regions of pictures such as bodies of water and skies.

    The TS5320 seen here and TS3320 are at the opposite end of the spectrum, literally: Not only do they stick to the basic four-color model, but they utilize only two tanks, one holding black ink and the other containing the red, green, and blue inks. This configuration, also found in HP's DeskJet 3755 and several other entry-level inkjets, wastes ink and increases running costs because when one of the three color reservoirs empties, the entire cartridge must be replaced.

    The  Pixma TS5320 comes in four colors—black, white, pink, and green, as shown above. Also, while several higher-end TS series models provide color touch screens for configuring and executing walkup functions such as copying, the TS5320's control panel consists of a 1.4-inch non-touch color OLED display and an LED status bar, surrounded by a handful of buttons that include navigation arrows and an OK button as well as Start and Stop buttons for making copies.

    THe  TS5320 measures 5.9 by 16.8 by 12.5 inches (HWD) and weighs 13.8 pounds, which is similar to its predecessor and close in size to the TS3320, though the former weighs about five pounds more. It's also a close match for Epson's somewhat more robust Expression Premium XP-6100 Small-in-One and a little smaller and lighter than Brother's more business-oriented MFC-J497DW.

    Unlike the TS3320, with its single 60-sheet paper tray, this Canon holds up to 200 sheets in two 100-sheet trays, one up front and one that pulls out and up from the rear. The rear feeder can also hold up to 20 sheets of letter-size photo paper, which is a lot of capacity for a budget inkjet all-in-one. The TS5320 also has an auto-duplexer for two-sided printing, which the TS3320 lacks, and can print borderless photos up to letter size instead of stopping at 5 by 7 inches. You also get support for Instagram's 3.5- and 5-inch square photo media formats.

    Connectivity, Voice Activation, and Software

    Standard connectivity consists of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy), plugging into a single PC via USB 2.0, and PictBridge Wireless for printing from compatible Canon cameras. Mobile device support includes Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and the Canon Print app.

    Like many consumer AIOs nowadays, the TS5320 supports voice-activated printing and scanning via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers or a smartphone app. You can also deploy other platforms, including Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana, that support IFTTT (If This Then That) scripting technology using scripts from and other sites.

     The software bundle includes Scan Utility (a robust, easy-to-use scanner interface for Windows and Mac), Scan Utility Lite (a scaled-down macOS-only version), and Easy PhotoPrint Editor Software (for touching up photos). You can also download the mobile version of Easy PhotoPrint Editor, which lets you make enhancements and corrections to shots you take with your handheld device without having to move them to your PC.

    Also downloadable from Google Play Store or the Apple Store is Canon's Message In Print app, which allows you to embed hidden messages—text, music, animations, video links, and more—inside printed images. After installing the app, family, friends, or coworkers can see the messages or open the links by holding their mobile devices' cameras over the image.

    Passable Print Speeds

    Canon rates the TS5320 at 13 pages per minute (ppm). When I clocked its print speed over a USB 2.0 connection from our standard Intel Core i5 testbed running Windows 10 Pro, the AIO churned out our standard 12-page Microsoft Word text document at the rate of 12.7ppm. That's just over twice as fast as the Pixma TS3320, ahead of the Brother MFC-J497DW by 1.7ppm, and 3ppm behind the Epson XP-6100.

    Related StorySee How We Test Printers

    I continued my testing by printing our collection of Adobe Acrobat business documents, Excel spreadsheets and charts, and PowerPoint handouts containing numerous business graphics and colored text at varying sizes. I combined those results with the Word figure for a score of 4.4ppm. That, again, doubled the speed of the TS3320, tied the Brother, and trailed the Epson by 2.2ppm.

    To finish up, I averaged the TS5320's time at 32 seconds as it churned out our colorful and detailed 4 by 6-inch photos. Once again, the Pixma TS3320 took about twice as long to print the same images, while the MFC-J497DW was comparable and the XP-6100 about 8 seconds quicker.

    Good-Looking Output Overall

    Canon's photo-centric Pixmas typically deliver excellent output, with dark, well-shaped, easy-to-read text and well-delineated charts and graphs with evenly flowing gradients and solid, mostly streak-free fills. As with several other color printers we've tested, I did see some mild banding in one full-page PowerPoint gradient that flows from dark green to black.

    As a TS series Pixma, though, photos are the TS5320's specialty, and it printed our sample images quite well for an under-$100, four-ink AIO. Colors were accurate, bright, and well saturated, and detail was as good as I've come to expect from Canon imaging devices. Of course this printer can't match the accuracy and detail of its deluxe five- and six-ink siblings, but its photo output definitely surpasses drugstore quality.



    Mon, 25/11/2019
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    Line O Matic introduces new Paper Sheeter – FSS 165 for Paper and card board mills, Paper & Board Converting Units and Paper finishing Units with medium to high production capacities that require flexibility, high production requirement and the highest quality for the finished rims.

    Paper Sheeter – FSS 165 can handle Paper, Card Board, Specialty Paper & Security Paper. It is designed in such a way so that it can be utilized for implementing a wide range of options in order to meet each customer’s requirement. It is the optimum solution for converters and printers. It can be configured for high as well as medium production volumes. 

    The FSS 165 is a world class machine for a competitive price. Latest technology and innovative engineering processes have been utilized to design a strong yet simple machine that will produce the sheet quality and accuracy demanded by market.

    Line O Matic is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of Exercise Notebook Machines, Paper Converting Machines and Packaging Machines. We aim to become the global champion in serving our customers. Our advanced services and automation solutions improve the productivity of our customer and enhance the effective utilization of raw materials.

    We invite paper traders, paper mills, printers who are looking paper sheeter to visit our stand in Paperex (3rd to 6th December’ 19) and feel the difference and we will be happier to show our capabilities and offer best solutions that meet the needs!

    For more details, kindly contact us on

    Mon, 18/11/2019
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    People see packaging as just an additional cost and try to buy the cheapest option. But, that cheap option comes at a cost. A lot of food delivery boxes in the market are not food grade and are not meant for direct contact with food. But, customers are unaware of this and thus do not raise a concern.

    Research has shown that single use plastics, especially the containers we get take-outs in, contain chemical compounds like bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA. This compound tends to migrate to food substances that are kept in plastic containers and result in endocrine disorders. Infertility, thyroid, obesity, etc. are all examples of endocrine disorders. Furthermore, the UN came up with a report on the environmental impact of single use plastic around the world. They found that only nine per cent of the nine billion tons of plastic produced in the world has been recycled with most of it ending up landfills, dumps and adversely polluting the environment.

    “People see packaging as just an additional cost and try to buy the cheapest option. But, that cheap option comes at a cost. A lot of food delivery boxes in the market are not food grade and are not meant for direct contact with food. But, customers are unaware of this and thus do not raise a concern,” explains Nikhil Parekh, the founder of Schmancy, a start-up that provides packaging solutions to businesses so that they can deliver their products in a sustainable manner. All their packaging is made of sourced or recycled paper.

    “With the rise of food delivery and e-commerce, a lot of small, home businesses are being launched that require designer but good quality packaging in smaller quantities. We cater to this demand,” informs Nikhil.

    How it was founded and products

    Schmancy was officially founded in 2016. But the idea took birth in 2013 when Nikhil wanted to come up with sustainable packaging solution for his friends where they wouldn’t have to buy in bulk.

    “My friends were also looking for custom packaging that they did not have to buy in large quantities. Normally, the minimum order was 5,000 boxes and required an investment of almost Rs. 50,000,” he explains. He then catered to the packaging demands of his friends in small quantities and these friends spread the word to others in the market with similar needs.

    Schmancy has an online store for people who want to buy designer packaging. “When Schmancy first went online for sales on Facebook in 2013, we got over 200 orders in a day!” exclaims Nikhil. This is when he realised that this idea would take and constantly worked on more products before officially launching in 2016.

    A regular client of Schmancy is Poonam Maria who started Zoey’s Bakehouse about seven years ago. As the bakery started doing good business, she also started making exquisite tall cakes for different occasions. Her only dilemma at the time was that she was finding it extremely difficult to deliver her cakes that weighed anywhere between 3kgs to 14kgs.

    One day, she was browsing through Facebook when she came across Schmancy’s boxes. “These boxes are so strong. There was nothing like this when I started using them before. Although, there are boxes available for big cakes now, Schmancy’s quality is unparalleled which is why we continue to buy from them,” says the 38-year-old...

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    Wed, 06/11/2019
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    Three years ago, in another avatar, I had co-led an initiative that gave me the first taste of Mumbai as a city-with-a-heart. The Railway Station Beautification project, Hamara Station Hamari Shaan, also celebrating Daan Utsav saw close to 25,000 people throng across various railway stations wanting to do their bit for the city. This is when I realised, there is an extended hand and there is a heart that is deeply connected to the giving hand. All that is needed is the right cause.

    Last year, as the Founder and CEO of Project Mumbai, when I first began talking about it, I realised that everyone seemed to be aware of the perils of plastic, but no one knew what to do next. The Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon was our simple and yet catchy initiative to inspire people. At Project Mumbai, we wanted people to do something for Mumbai. To participate and own the city which they felt so strongly for. When we announced the Recyclothon, making it an attractive offering, they responded, and how. Our propositions were simple — give away whatever plastic you can. We will pick it up from you and recycle it. Early this year, from the recycled plastic, we managed to make benches. We are now working on the feasibility of increasing the production of such benches, which can be installed in BMC gardens.

    So, while the 2018 Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon was a testing ground, this year, the 2019 Mumbai Plastic Recyclothon - Ek Baar Phir, has been a game-changer in terms of joy of giving. Celebrated to coincide with DaanUtsav, this time, we have made the Plastic Recyclothon bigger, better, more interesting, and meaningful. This year, we expanded our footprint beyond Mumbai, to Navi Mumbai and India’s biggest district - Thane. The response has been nothing less than overwhelming. We promised a free pick-up of the plastic items, any kind of plastic – bags, packets, pouches, mugs, broken buckets, bottles, sachets – from doorsteps. The only pre-condition being, they should register on our website with a detailed address, point of contact and choice of date. We kept the collection date from Oct. 2 to Oct. 8, as India celebrates Daan Utsav.

    As registrations opened up, our office resembled a call centre with calls pouring in, registrations building up by the minute. From an 85-year-old from Peddar road bungalow in South Mumbai to a 40-year-old housewife in Kharghar in the distant suburbs. From a social activist in Bandra to a car dealer in Mira road, they all joined in. From individuals to housing societies; schools, colleges, and corporates, they all were in the rush to volunteer to donate plastic. And to spread the word.

    At last count, we now have close to 1,25,625 Mumbaikars planning to donate plastic through the Mumbai Plastic recyclothon-Ek Baar Phir. The number is only growing. Then began the logistics planning. Newspapers loved the idea and they began writing. Recyclers felt excited by the proposition. They also helped us with transport and drop off points, and interesting ideas in recycling.

    We also came up with two more offerings. Daan Mein Jaan was our way of urging people to come up with ways that plastic can be recycled into amenities for the city. Make manhole covers for Mumbai, suggested someone on our website. Plastic Daanav (little monsters) was our action call for schools and colleges. We also promised to see installations and reward the school with pencils recycled from plastic. For, larger housing societies, I thought why not use the plastic they have donated to convert it into big garbage bins.

    The timing was opportune too. Our job had been made easier by the Prime Minister, who had, in his Independence Day address, urged people to donate plastic and recycle it. We were two steps ahead. Not only had we started this initiative last year, but were scaling it up this time. To every individual plastic donor, we gifted them a cloth bag. Carry the cloth bag the next time you step out, we told them. Keep it tucked into your bike or car or in your purse, so you don’t feel tempted to pick a plastic bag from your vendor.

    Adding A Bit Of Colour        While offerings came pouring in, we were also concerned with the aesthetics. Support came in from students and faculty of the JJ School of Arts. They are going to help us provide designs to the amenities. Also, in case we get some plastic that is worth recycling, we plan to create Live Plastic art installations in public places, with messages conveying reduce and refuse. Or recycle. 

    Our web board is full of messages of support as well. People have begun offering support in all forms. A 14-year-old from Oberoi International School has said he wants to volunteer for anything that we do.

    Meanwhile, a retired IT professional from one of India’s best-known corporate firms says he has the time and inclination to volunteer. These are among at least a hundred others, including housewives, professionals and doctors, wanting to do something for their city. And there are scores of others wanting to do away with plastic.

    Inspired by this, I have decided to not let this movement be limited to Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai or Thane. Or not be limited to DaanUtsav either. The Plastic Recyclothon, by Project Mumbai was Ek Baar Phir, this year. It will surely be a Baar Baar Phir, from November. And do not be surprised if you see it taking place in a neighbourhood near you. In your city.


    What started as an idea, has now turned into a people’s movement. There certainly is Joy in Giving. 


    Thank you Mumbai.

    Writer: Shishir Joshi, 
    Founder and CEO of Project Mumbai


    Tue, 05/11/2019
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    Mithya 4D Stationery Private Limited – a Pune based company, is India’s First 4D Stationery manufacturing company and Startup Recognized by Government of India, specializes in the modern and innovative stationery products powered with 4D animations with the help of their proprietary technologies.

    What is 4D?

    Any 3D content which is interactive and can be seen from different angles is 4D.

    What is 4D Stationery?

    With the help of “Mithya 4D” app, any physical stationery like Notebook, Clipboard, Geometry Box, etc. will turn into 4D content and hence the name 4D Stationery.

    Why the name ‘Mithya’?

    ‘Mithya’ actually originated from Sanskrit and its meaning fairly corresponds to ‘Illusion”, an appearance superimposed on actuality, or different from actuality. The “Mithya 4D” app enables “Mithya (illusion)” to bring our 4D stationery to life and it turns the stationery to alternate reality with enlivened and interactive characters.

    Benefits of 4D Stationery?

    In today’s digital era, mobile has become an integral part and parcel for students and hence they are spending most of their times on mobiles. With the help of Mithya’s 4D Stationery, the education and learning will become fun.


    Download the FREE ‘Mithya 4D’ app from the Google Play store or iPhone App Store. Open the app and point the app’s camera at the ‘Puppet Show’ sample for demo printed on top of this page and enjoy the 4D animation.

    Mon, 04/11/2019
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    Logitech MX Master 3 brings speed, and MX Keys extra customisation

    Home working may be about to get a whole lot more powerful with the latest premium mouse and keyboard releases from Logitech.
    The company says its new MX Master 3 mouse offers unparalleled speed and precision in scrolling for a wide range of users, from software programmers to graphic designers.
    In addition, the new MX Keys keyboard looks to be an ideal partner to the mouse, offering a top of the line typing experience that also offers intelligent lighting and ergonomic support.

    MX Master 3
    The MX Master 3 is Logitech's most powerful mouse to date, featuring a completely re-designed wheel that can scroll a thousand lines in one second - a potential lifesaver for programmers hunting for a particular line of code.
    The new wheel, made of Swiss stainless steel, features 90 percent faster scrolling speeds than previous generations, with magnets inside the body cutting down on both friction and noise. Users can still opt for a haptic feel when scrolling, with the option of a silent ratchet mode alongside traditional experiences. Thanks to a 4,000 DPI sensor, the MX Master 3 is also incredibly precise when tracking on any surface, even glass.

    MX Keys
    Along with the MX Master 3 mouse, Logitech has also launched the companion MX Keys keyboard, which it says is "shaped for your fingertips" to offer "ultra-fluid typing".

    The MX Keys features a backlit surface to allow you to work in low light or even darkness, with a built-in proximity sensor detecting when a user is near whilst also detecting the surrounding light level to help save battery life.
    Battery life is around 10 days with this backlighting enabled, but 

    Wed, 25/09/2019