OOOBJECT – upcyling foodwaste to make pens

Denise Ng., Marketing Director, OOObject.

Established in 1994, Green & Associates (HK) Ltd. describes itself as design agency that offers innovative, unique and contemporary designer products such as photo frames, housewares, desktop accessories etc. 

In 2009 the company decided to dedicate a range for products which will be designed and manufactured using the concepts of Recycle, Reuse and Regenrate. It was named as OOObject. We at PSS got a chance to meet the company’s founder Mr. Gewah Lam Cheong-leung and his Marketing Director, Denise Ng. This time around they had come with one of their remarkable and viable product concept called “30X30 Verse Biodegradable Pens” that included pens made of 1/3rd recycled food waste.

Denise explained us the benefits “According to a report from United Nation, 1/3 of of all food produced is wasted or lost because of inappropriate practices or handling. We purposely designed this range of “30 X 30 biodegradable Pens” made of food wastes. At first, there were 30 kinds of food wastes, the series has been expanded to 45 kinds of food wastes. Now, it is extended to the wastes of fabric rags, wood chips, threads, pokers, books, ceramic, etc.”

Denise highlighted an interesting aspect. He said that they prefer to call this project as “Upcycling” instead of “Recyling” as they are utilizing food waste into a useable daily life product that “for e.g. in Aloe Vera range, we collect waste aloe leaves directly from Cosmetic factories in china, for almonds shell range we collect the shells from Nuts factories

 The body of the pens is 100% biodegradable. Infact the Plastic tip , cap and the end cap are made of PP which is at first processed with a biodegradable agent that increases the biodegradability rate by upto 5 times. OOObject also has a range of “FI-NE pens” - Pens upcycled from fishing nets; and “WBO Pens” - Pens upcycled from drink bottles.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2019