Pak traders mull ‘cheaper’ paper imports from India

SEP-2012 – A 23-member delegation of paper merchants from Pakistan led by Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front chairman Sohail Lashari and Paper Board Traders Standing Committees chairman Khamis Saeed Butt arrived in Amritsar on Friday to explore trade opportunities for importing paper from India. Lashari and Butt said they will be holding discussions with the representatives of paper industry in India and will provide feedback to Pakistan about the potential of paper import from India and its benefits to Pakistan. The delegation will also explore possibility of transfer of machinery and technology involved in paper manufacturing. Currently, Pakistan only imports newsprints from Amritsar-based Khanna Paper Mill and does not allow the import of paper. “We are putting pressure on Pakistan to take paper out of the negative list so that we can import it from India, which costs less than the paper we import from Thailand, Indonesia, Norway and Sweden,” Butt told The Indian Express adding that paper imports from India would decrease prices of textbooks and other paper-related commodities in Pakistan. Butt informed that Pakistan produced 40 percent of all paper required in the country while 60 percent is imported, “The indigenously produce paper is not of good quality and is manufactured using recycled material. The shelf-life of the paper is also short. In contrast, the paper industry in India use pure pulp.” Sohail Lashari also informed of a black market for paper in Pakistan during peak season resulting in very high prices. The delegation is also scheduled to visit Khanna Paper Mill on Saturday where the quality of newsprint being provided by the mill will be discussed.
Saturday, March 2, 2013
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