PSS Magazine completes 60 glorious years of incredible success

PSS Magazine wishes you a healthy, peaceful and prosperous HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us in the wonderful journey of 60 glorious years of incredible success and we hope PSS Magazine reaches to new heights in the coming days. 

With immense pleasure we inform you that this i.e. 2019 Paper and Stationery Samachar Magazine (PSS) completes 60 glorious years of its remarkable journey since its Inception in 1959, Late T. N. Tuli, founder of PSS had to develop the magazine as a mouthpiece Stationery, Paper and Office Supplies.            

And for sure! PSS Magazine has devotedly worked towards the development of these sectors of Indian industry. Pardon us for indulging in self praise but the fact is PSS is the only one of its kind and the most successful, longest running, most renowned and most read monthly trade magazine of the industry sectors in India.

PSS magazine is also a member of the most prestigious and influential Press Association of this Industry in the world having member magazines each representing its respective country. PSS was chosen to represent Indian Stationery and Office supplies industry In International Stationery Press Association (ISPA). Today, PSS Magazine enjoys extensive domestic readership In this industry and is freely distributed in almost all the major exhibitions around the world. Indeed we have been told time and again by our clients that we brought considerable results for their business but we feel our clients and associates have equally rewarded us by reinstating their confidence in our capabilities year after year.

At this Instance all of us at PSS Magazine use this opportunity to convey our heartfelt gratitude to our national and international clients and readers, our printers, trade associations, federations, suppliers, news agencies and government institutes for their interminable faith in our services and dedication for the industry. Also we seek their opinion, feedback and guidance to embark on yet another phase of our journey beyond this milestone.

We have always kept customers satisfaction as our priority and have never resorted to any wrong means for any work. Not only do we provide a learning platform but also offer a growing career curve. When PSS Magazine began its business there was very healthy competition in the market but PSS with its diligence faced it and has built an eminent position in the market as a Monthly Trade Magazine.

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