Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
It looks like a sleek and neatly designed cell phone in a variety vibrant colours. It works very smoothly as a handy Paper Shredder and with just a click of a button the user can change the use to a Letter Opener with inbuilt safety feature to protect the document while opening the envelope. Also it works as security stamp to hide desired text before sharing the documents with others. Among other products Mr. Lau also showed us a Paper Clip and Magnet with extra strength magnet. He said the magnet in their clip was of 245 mt whereas similar products in the market contain 100mt. The result is that the magnet can hold upto 80 sheets in the clip, 900gm hanging weight or upto 15 sheets even without the clip. Still it is very competitively priced. When asked about the response from the show, Mr. Lau said “We are very satisfied with the inquiries and number of visitors and would definitely like to come again next year.” Mr. Lau mentioned that the company invests in designing and developing new products and establishing their own brand – INOZTO and generally do not offer OEM facility for other brands. Though they are open to the requirements of cross-branding i.e. INOZTO + “the client’s brand name” Source: PSS Exclusive
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