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Special Feature

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    Writing is here to stay: William Penn

    Online is an important channel for us to reach out to the customers beyond III and IV cities - Nikhil Ranjan, Founder & MD, William Penn

    In the spree of riding high on retail expansion with associating with global and Indian brands, Banglore based William Penn, multi brand retailer offering writing instruments, premium stationary and accessories, is planning to launch three more stores this year to take the tally of stores to 34.

    The company is largely focusing on major metros along with eyeing to tap the potential of tier I and II markets. Furthermore it is planning to strengthen its online footprints to reach out to the consumers residing beyond tier III and IV towns.

    Thus, talking about the brands exclusive association with German fine writing instrument maker Faber- Castell, future retail plan, investment,  evolving consumer behavior and growing trend of using pen and paper Nikhil Ranjan, Founder & MD, William Penn spoke to Indianretailer. com on the sideline of announcing its association with Faber-Castell in Mumbai.


    William Penn has the tradition of bringing best of the brands from across the world to India and Faber Castell is operating since 260 years.  Based in Germany Faber-Castell has a rich history and legacy.  It has been producing fine writing instruments since many years now. It’s a German engineering with Bow House design and not very ornate with unnecessary embellishments. We are the exclusive partner of Faber-Castell.


    We offer writing instruments, premium stationary and accessories.  We are a destination store for all the brands. Overall we have 20 brands of writing instruments and accessories. It includes German, Swiss, Indian and our own in-house brand called Pennline. These are luxury to massbrands but finally this is the customer who decides what he wants.


    Monday, July 23, 2018 - 13:00
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    ALLIED INSTRUMENTS - a torch bearer of indigenously manufactured Stationery products in India

    Allied Instruments Private Limited was established in 1964 at Mumbai. They are among the leading manufacturers & exporters of Office, School & Engineering Student Stationery from India. The company owes its leading position at home and worldwide to its constant conviction in achieving excellence through innovate designs and technology, its extensive product range for many diverse target groups and its well-known brand name OMEGA. The company firmly blends its core values of customer delight, commitment, innovation, teamwork and responsibility in all its functions and services.

    We at PAPER AND STATIONERY SAMACHAR recently had an opportunity of one on one chat with the dynamic Managing Director of the company- Mr. Pradeep Singh Marwaha.

    PSS: Could you please elaborate on the various businesses that the company is involved in?

    Pradeep ji: The company is mainly involved in 5 vertical businesses-

    • School and office stationery

    • Educational toys catering to global market.

    • Parts of home appliances for industries like Kenstar, Maharaja, Bajaj, Crompton Greaves etc. AND

    • Pens, which we have recently launched Our core business is to design and manufacture Moulds. Both for pan India market and for exporting to countries like Taiwan, Germany andthe US. This is a separate profit making enterprise.

    PSS: What I hear is that usually Korea is the “The Destination” for businesses - both Indian and Foreign for outsourcing their Dies and Moulds especially for stationery and office supplies Industry. It is so good to know that your company offers Premium and Export Quality Tools and Moulds with Make in India Factor. Can you please brief us about the machinery, technology and infrastructure that enables you to develop and maintain such a wide variety of SKUs and offer customized Tools for OEMs?

    Pradeep ji: We have hi-tech manufacturing units in Daman and Baddi. They are equipped with sophisticated, computerized machines, state-of-theart dies & moulds. All our products are designed and developed in-house. This enables us to respond quickly to the market changes. There is a dedicated tool room at Kandivali, Mumbai for the production of dies and moulds. We also specialize in developing CUSTOM MADE products as per customer’s requirements in terms of design, size and brand name etc. Using the latest in high speed robotic technology, shorter cycle time can be achieved with optimum productivity at very competitive prices to our customers. We continuously strive to improve our products & re-engineer our processes and services to increase efficiency & effectiveness to achieve excellence internally & externally.

    PSS: To which countries are your products exported? What is the export percentage?

    Pradeep ji: We have a global network encompassing 32 countries in Middle East, Asia, Africa, Far East, Europe and Pacific. The educational toys are marketed with our brand name and as OEM’s brands. Export percentage is between 30-35%.

    PSS: Owing to your extensive experience, what difference have you observed in Indian market and foreign markets in terms of quantity and quality requirements of the customers?

    Pradeep ji: There is a considerable difference between the two in terms of the quantity ordered. Unlike in India, the products are ordered in bulk in the foreign countries. We ensure that only the best raw materials are used in all our manufacturing processes. Every batch of raw material is sampled and analyzed by QC department. Our products are independently tested and meet International Safety Standards. 60% of our products are marketed at home and abroad without making any change. However, 40% products that are marketed internationally are not for Indian market. They are CUSTOM MADE products as per customer’s requirements in terms of design, size and brand name etc.

    PSS: How is the distributorship of you company managed? How do you keep them motivated?

    Pradeep ji: (laughs….) Well, I would not like to elaborate a lot on this as its meant to be a secret amongst the corporate. Nevertheless, all efforts are made by the dedicated team who looks after the distribution process to ensure that our products are marketed in every nook and corner of the country. We strive to keep our distributors happy by introducing various promotional schemes and benefits.

    PSS: What about the Corporate Buyers or Government tenders or orders. Do you have separate team for such a network?

    Pradeep ji: We do not go in for orders from the government sector. However, we do have corporate clients through our dealers only. There is no separate department for this.

    PSS: There is a spurt in online trade in our country. Is your company also involved in online trade? If yes, then what is the percentage of it?

    Pradeep ji: Hmmm…Though almost all our products are available online, we are not directly involved in online trade. But yes! our products are available online through our dealers and distributors. Online trade is quite complex and cumbersome. We would rather invest our time in bringing high quality products that increase customer value through innovation, technology and responsible manufacturing practices. For online sales, we do encourage our dealers and distributors to use the platforms efficiently to exceed their targets.

    PSS: Has Make in INDIA push, promoted by the PM Modi generated any additional benefits?

    Pradeep ji: Well! There is no visible change as such in our industry, as of now but I agree it is a good initiative. If efficient policies are made and effectively implemented for the manufacturing sector, then I believe there is no dearth of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative streak in the Indian businessmen.

    PSS: What is the role of GST in the domestic trade whether it is same on the raw as well as finished products or different?

    Pradeep ji: The GST is same on both i.e. the raw materials and finished products. It is 18% and hurting the industries. When the recent approach of the government is to make educational product affordable and easily accessible , this increased GST hampers the smooth trade. Earlier when there was no GST, the Sale-Tax was much lower, and there was no Excise tax on the products. Now under the new GST Tax has made the product more expensive. For example in the case of pen earlier the Sales Tax was 4% but now it is 12% so that has become more costlier.

    Despite the role back by the government from 18% to 12% it is still too high for the stationery industry. Another example to substantiate this high taxation can be cited is that of a File. A Plastic File can be used both in the Corporate Sector as well as Education. There are many such stationery products that cannot be categorised. The GST Rate on stationery products should be such that these products become affordable and at the same time prevent the illegal trade in this industry. Such a high GST Rate does not make a level playing field for all and the sincere manufacturers and traders lose business. Local industries and those relying on illegal means do better in this situation.

    PSS: China has large number of innovative products besides it also produces for European market. How has it affected you?

    Pradeep ji: We are not affected by the presence of Chinese products in the international market.We have a highly qualified and experienced R&Dteam and well equipped infrastructure to develop new products in short span of time. Also we have integrated advanced automation in the production line to meet not only high quantity requirements of our clients as well as small batches for initial product launches.

    PSS: Do you have any suggestion for future entrepreneurs?

    Pradeep ji: Today the market is changing rapidly. One needs to have a range of innovative products and a zest to compete in a price sensitive and competitive market. Also one needs to understand the huge complexities of distribution channels that arise out of the diversity of culture in India as you move from one state to the other. (Smilingly, he further adds) I’d like to say that it is a fun industry. Your customers will keep you guessing and your competitors will always keep you on your toes. So everybody is welcome but better do your homework first and come prepared.

    Saturday, July 21, 2018 - 12:15
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    Line O Matic is happy to announce the launch of new e-commerce web site for spare parts and consumables for Line O Matic machines of India. We have designed our e-commerce website with streamlining menus for ease of purchase, simplified navigation for vide range of spares, building a responsive layout for nationwide delivery and secure online payment facility for all buyers.

    Line O Matic has got overwhelmed response from the customers, which coincides with our expanding role as a trend setter and leader in the segment of Exercise Notebook Machinery & Paper Converting Machinery.

    Source: PSS Exclusive

    Friday, July 20, 2018 - 14:15
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    INDIA’s NO. 1 Brand Awards 2016 winner – DOMS

    MAY-2016- IBC INFOMEDIA – a division of International Brand Consul ting Corporation USA recently conducted and in-depth survey and analysis to identify those brands which have maintained the highest standards of product integrity and brand development. The world renowned corporation organized an elaborate award ceremony – India’s No. 1 Brand Awards – 2016 to acknowledge and felicitate the Brands which brilliantly scored in their survey and won the top spot in their respective category. And for all plausible reasons DOMS was declared a clear winner in “Stationery” category. Mr Satish Soni (Jt. Managing Director) Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation inaugurated the event. Mr. Soni honoured all the awardees with the Trophies and Mr. Hemant Kaushik (CEO) IBC INFOMEDIA honoured all awardees with the Cerificates. The award presentation ceremony was held at “The Leela Hotel” in Mumbai on 2nd May 2016 and nearly 100 Brand Leaders of India were recipients of “India’s No: 1 Brand” in various Business Fields and categories. Just to highlight the extensive and exhaustive efforts put by IBC InfoMedia in deciding the category leaders and winners it must be mentioned that the survey was conducted during a nationwide online survey with MRG through from 10th Jan. 2016 to 28th Jan. 2016 among more than 10,000 respondents. Based on the responses of the consumers, the brands were ranked for the awards. INDIA’S NO.1 BRAND AWARDS is a distinctive recognition for a brand recognized as, “NO. 1” in its industry category based on current year marketing standing. Its evaluation process is based on a nationwide quantitative qualified consumer survey, expert analysis and attributes based on qualitative brand research. Apart from DOMS , other category leaders who shared the same platform are KFC (retail), Airtel (telecom), and SpiceJet (airlines), ICICI Bank (banking, financial services and insurance), Bharat Gas (energy), Dabur (healthcare), Google (internet), Aaj Tak (News channel), TATA (chemical industry). Soon after the press release was received by PSS, we called Mr. Amarjeet Sharma, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for getting his response on this amazing accomplishment. Amarjeet ji is a veteran in the industry. He is among the senior most member of the core team at Writefine Products Pvt. Ltd. With his business acumen and years of experience Amarjeet ji has played a vital r ole in spearheading the rapid growth of the brand DOMS. Here is what he had to say for our readers “It’s a prestigious moment for us to be recognized as a most preferred brand by consumers. We thank our most valued consumers, our sales team, and also our competitors who motivated us to grow. It makes us feel proud to receive such appreciation.” Amajeet ji also added “DOMS now has a pan-India presence with more than 50 dynamic channel partners and above 3000 distributors across INDIA.” DOMS products are internationally accepted in more than 55 countries and is considered utmost respectable amongst the brands with unique features and hi-quality product line.

    Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 07:45
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    2016 – A Rewarding year for DOMS

    DEC-2016 – PAGE - 6DOMS a leading stationery brand has performed excellently throughout the year. It’s constant advertising campaigns and product launch, talks all about it. Few of its successful launch in pencil range are X1 pencils and Groove Slim Triangle pencils. X1 Pencils are X-tra Super Dark Pencils and comes with a point protection cap that avoids breakage. Groove Slim Triangle pencils have grooves on its body for superior grip. Their neon range of pencils, erasers and sharpeners is a big hit. In the Art range, Aqua Water Colour Pencils and Bi- Colour Pencils made space in the consumers hearts. Aqua Water Colour Pencils with its unique 2 in 1 features has become kids favourite and the vibrant bright colours of Bi- Colour Pencils gives excellent colouring experience. Their all in one stationery and art tool called Smart Kit and Art App has become a preferred choice for consumers. DOMS has been actively participating in the exhibitions across pan India and Internationally. They built a strong connect with their consumers through school activation called Handwriting Masters. DOMS also associated with Gateway event 2016, for the world’s longest pencil sketch activity conducted at Coimbatore with 31467 participants from all over India. After winning the hearts of the consumers and getting recognized as India’s No.1 Brand, DOMS bagged another award for itself. DOMS is honoured as India’s Most Trusted Brand 2016 in stationery category. IBC Infomedia conducted a nationwide online survey, amongst more than 10,000 respondents. Based on the response of the consumers DOMS achieved these awards. These awards showcases their efforts of delivering quality products to their consumers every single time. Seeing the innovations and hardwork, we are sure DOMS will become kids favourite choice in stationery. From the VP’s Desk: Mr. Amarjeet Sharma, VP, Sales and Marketing, Writefine Products Pvt. Ltd. “The appreciation that we have received for our brand would not have been possible without the acceptance of consumers who value the creativity of our work. Mr. Santosh Raveshia, CEO, Writefine Products Private Ltd., shows his completed dedication for keeping European quality standards with suitable prices for Indian consumers.”

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 14:45
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    Kokuyo Camlin & KidZania unveils select co-branded products

    DEC-2016 – Kokuyo Camlin in its strategic partnership with KidZania, the global indoor theme park, launched two co-branded products in the writing and coloring category. Kokuyo Camlin becomes the first brand to launch a co-branded product with KidZania. In a glittering ceremony at Kidzania, Noida the two pro ducts were unveiled by Mr Takeo Iguchi, Executive Director Kokuyo Camlin & Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer – Kokuyo Camlin. The Camlin Kidzania ‘Writing Kit’ comprises mechanical pencils, lead tubes and a notebook set – a perfect combination to suit one’s writing need. The Camlin Kidzania ‘Coloring Kit’ is a complete fantasy for the ones who love coloring. It comprises oil pastels, artic plastic crayons, brush pens and premium Colour pencils. The kits are priced at Rs 450/- and Rs 300/- are available in Camlin Art and Craft studio, KidZania and across all retail outlets in Delhi and Mumbai. There is also a KidZania discount coupon available inside tKokuyo Camlin & KidZania unveils select co-branded products (3)he kit of up to Rs 210/- valid till June 2017. Speaking at the launch, Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd., said, “We are taking our partnership with KidZania to the next level. After an extremely successful association with Camlin Art & Craft studio & Painting Studio in KidZania Mumbai & Delhi, we are ready to provide a new experience to Children – Camlin KidZania products. Now children can take the fun learning experience home. Kokuyo Camlin & KidZania will continue to work on the vision on making learning fun” The mechanical pencils of ‘Writing Kit’ are power packed with awesome features like easy click mechanism, jumbo built-in eraser, retractable metal tip, grip for comfortable writing and it comes inKokuyo Camlin & KidZania unveils select co-branded products (1) attractive designs. It also makes great gift for people who love to write and pen down their thoughts. ‘Coloring Kit’ boasts of a wide variety of colors. Camlin oil pastels can be used across many surfaces like textured/sketching/tinted papers and gives an evenexperience with richer and deeper colors. Camel Brush Pen has flexible tip that helps in make fine, medium and bold strokes. Artica plastic crayons are easy to sharpen and erase, these crayons are great tool with a Hexagonal body for an easy grip and are smudge free. Premium Colour Pencils are extraordinary products with a sharp that is a break resistant and has a higher Colour pigment. So what are you waiting for? Go grab these amazing kits and try them out!Kokuyo Camlin & KidZania unveils select co-branded products (2) About Kokuyo Camlin Ltd Kokuyo Camlin Limited (formerlyknown as Camlin Limited) is in the business of manufacturing and marketing of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence for more than 80 years. The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colors and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks. In the year 2011, Kokuyo S&T ltd, a Japanese corporation engaged in the business of stationery, notebooks and school furniture acquired majority stake in the Company. Kokuyo S&T ltd is a 100% subsidiary of Kokuyo Co. Ltd., Japan. Kokuyo S&T’s product line includes office stationery, notebooks and office supplies.

    Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 15:30
  • 49
    PAPERWORLD 2017 – UNIBIND Binding Solutions – a must for Indian Board room meetings and presentations.

    FEB-2017 – Luc Augustinus, VP, Business Development at Peleman Industries, is all hopeful about the Indian market for their interesting Binding Solutions. Though their products are already available in India but Luc believes that there’s lot more potential. Luc told PSS that UNIBIND products sell best when the customer gets a chance to see the product in front and experience its functionality and capabilities. He further added that once the customer witnesses the amazing results of binding along with the added advantage of reuse and modifications, only then can he realise that it can be such a useful tool in office communications. The new and prime model on Display was UniBinder 8.2. This model provided a newly developed “Crimping Element”. So in addition to resin SteelBinding, the UniCover Hard cover books can now be crimped at the spine to get an optimal fit. Compact and elegant design make it very easy-to-use office machine.

    Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:45
  • 48
    PAPERWORLD 2017 – JOVI – looking forward to tap the Indian Market

    FEB-2017 – JOVI – A leading brand of Art, Craft and hobby products from Spain is present in over 80 countries. The brand and its wide range of products is a market leader in many countries like Singapore, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey etc. “We manufacture 85% of our product range in Spain complying with strictest quality standards to ensure the safety of our users” said Javier Armet, Area Manager, JOVI. He further told PSS that the company is planning to enter the Indian Market. They are very hopeful that their hobby products like Air Dry Clay, Soft Dough and Paper Clay would certainly appeal to users when they use it and notice the difference in quality that makes them a market leader in many countries. The company is an OEM manufacturer for international brands of cosmetic products. Therefore it has one of the most advanced production facility to manufacture cosmetic products in Europe that conforms to highest of quality and hygiene standards. The company uses this facility and standards to develop its range of Kids’ Face paint colours as well.

    Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:45
  • 47
    Paperworld 2017 – Tarifold – filing and display systems to match the designer decor of modern Indian offices

    FEB-2017 – For our readers in India who are not aware of the renowned European brand – TARIFOLD we would like to inform that it belongs to T3L group and company that developed and Patented the clear plastic Pocket with Metal reinforced pivots to display and protect paper documents in 1950s. The company since then has grown into a multinational, offering a range of innovative presentation, display and filing solutions. A range of “Tablet holders” is the new offering from the company. Developed for the evolving requirement of display of information through digital mediums especially Tablets in hospitals, airports, hotels and malls. Natalia Byrdina Mosser, Export Sales Manager told PSS that the Tablet holder range includes a variety of options to suit the requirements of clients like – Desktop, Wall tablet, swing-arm for extended reach and Floor tablet holder.

    Monday, February 20, 2017 - 11:15
  • 46
    Paperworld 2017 – Pfeiffer introduces “uWrite” – a beautifully designed Gel Pen built from ground up to Recycle

    FEB-2017 – Daniel Eglin from the writing division of Pfeffier elatedly showed PSS the new pen – uWRITE, introduced by the Swiss company for the first in PAPERWORLD 2017. Developed and patented for its unique “Non-Toxic Ceramic Ball housed in Polymer Tip” – uWrite is built from ground up to recycle. Left – Daniel Eglin from the writing division of Pfeffier. “The refill ismadefrom a single class of plastic to make recycling much easier” said Dainel. It’s a beautifully designed pen with vibrant superfast dry high quality German gel ink. “Every year disposable pens add thousands of kilograms of toxins like lead, brass, nickel, stainless steel and plastic components into landfill. But all the components of uWrite can either be reused or recycled.” added Urs Wolfensberger, Director, Pfeiffer.

    Monday, February 20, 2017 - 11:15
  • 45
    Paperworld 2017 – Indian Brands “AMABASSADOR” and “KOOL TOOLZ” gaining worldwide recognition

    FEB-2017 – Ambassador Stationery Concepts Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kores India Ltd. and markets company’s products in International market under the popular brands, namely – AMBASSADOR and KOOL TOOLZ. Both the brands are widely available in over 50 countries The company has been participating in PAPERWORLD, Frankfurt since 2002 and each time reported good results and business inquiries. The company representatives at the booth told PSS that it has always paid off to participate in Paperworld Shows held across different countries and the exports done through international division of the company now contributes 20% share in group’s revenue. The company also offers their OEM facilities to many renowned national and international Retail chains and brands across wide range of products like – pencils, Carbon Paper, Indelible Ink, Staple Pins, Chalks etc. Their manufacturing facilities at Goa, Pithampur and Rudrapur inUttrakhand are well equipped with advanced machinery and automation facilities to offer internationally accepted quality standards.

    Monday, February 20, 2017 - 12:00
  • 44
    Paperworld 2017 – CARL – unveiled limited edition Anti Broken Colour Pencil Sharpner.

    FEB-2017 – Mr. Tamayama, CEO, Carl International addressed a press conference at their booth in Paperworld 2017 and emphasized the changes the in Logo of CARL – from Blue to Red and incorporating “Tokyo” to convey the quality, technology and trustworthiness associated with Japanese Products. He introduced the latest products for 2017 which included Mr. Punch – a series of aluminium made effortless punches an d ShikiLUitaDividers – a series of aluminium made multipurpose stands. These beautifully designed, light weight and powder coated products were displayed in a variety of colours and looked great for the modern day workplace and home environment. Another very interesting product on display was “X-Sharpener” – Anti-broken Pencil Sharpener. Alex Martinez, National Sales Manager told PSS that NHK World is a popular TV, radio and web network for news and entertainment in Japan. In one of the episodes of “Supreme Skill” a challenge was put forth to sharpener manufacturers and pencil experts for developing a sharpner that would make the red colour pencil “Anti-Broken”. The management from CARL took on the challenge and created one such Sharpner. It was prominently displayed at the company’s booth. Press representatives from various countries were especially invited to witness the live test of the Sharpener on 28th January. Mr. Tamayama, demonstrated the prowess of t he sharpener by dropping a number of pencils from a 4 feet high box and to everybody’s surprise none of the pencil tip broke. Alex told PSS that limited numbers of X-sharpeners will be available for sale only on CARL netshop.

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 12:15
  • 43
    PAPERWORLD 2017 – TEIBOW Japan introduces new products for European Market

    FEB-2017 – TEIBOW from Japan is a leading Pen Nib manufacturing company. The company manufactures Pen Nibs from a variety of materials – Tomomi Ueda, Section Chief, Sales Department, Teibow a. Felt; b. Fiber; c. Plastic The nibs division of the company utilizes advanced technologies in an increasingly diverse range of products, including applications in cosmetics and medical uses. Their nibs business leads the world in market share, handling around 2,400 different products per year, producing approximately 350 million units every month, and serving more than 50 countries around the world. Tomomi Ueda, Section Chief, Sales Department, Teibow told PSS that the company has introduced some new products this year like – 3 mountain Nib made of Nylon. This nib will be a great tool for Calligraphy writers, and for creative and hobby craft enthusiasts. She further said that the company can provide plastic brush nibs made by precisely controlled extrusion process to offer customized hardness as per the requirements of the client.

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 15:15