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    A state of the art manufacturing plant of Pidilite Lanka (Private) Limited was formally commissioned at Polgahawela in Sri Lanka’s North Western Province on July 10.

    This opening was attended by his Taranjit Singh Sandhu – India’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Bharat Puri – Managing Director of Pidilite Industries, Rohan De Silva – Chairman of McLarens Group, and many other dignitaries.

    Commenting on the opening of this new plant, Mr. Bharat Puri, Managing Director of Pidilite Industries said, “Pidilite’s exciting journey in Sri Lanka began 11 years ago. This investment is a testament to our commitment to the Sri Lanka market. Located on an expanse of four acres, this zero-discharge plant will initially manufacture adhesives, under the household brand Fevicol® and enhance availability of our range across industries.

    Director of Pidilite Lanka, Mrs. Ramani Ponnambalam added, “This plant will contribute significantly to import substitution and also provide employment opportunities in this region.


    Pidilite’s well-known brands in Sri Lanka include FEVICOL, the high-performance range of adhesives and Dr. FIXIT, an advanced range of waterproofing solution for healthy homes.

    In 2015, Pidilite Lanka acquired Chemifix, Sri Lanka’s leading white adhesive brand in wood working, stationery and industrial segments.

    These brands reflect the company’s objective to become an even more customer-centric and performance oriented organisation in Sri Lanka.

    Pidilite Lanka (Private) Limited is a joint venture established in 2015 between Pidilite Industries Limited, one of Asia’s leading adhesive and construction chemical companies, and Macbertan Holdings, a strategic alliance of Macbertan Pvt Ltd., McLarens Holdings Limited and Alliance Finance Company Ltd. Macbertan had been Pidilite’s exclusive distributor in Sri Lanka since 2007 until Pidilite Lanka (Private) Limited was formed in 2015.


    Fri, 17/08/2018
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    "Children may need certain books and stationery items, and young people are usually undeterred by the time and weather when they really want to do something. We are organizing certain other activities to add to the excitement of the fair, and are hoping that the fair takes on the look and feel of a lively and entertaining event." said Mr. D.K Jain, General Manager, ITPO.

    Recently, PSS got the opportunity to speak with Mr. D.K Jain, General Manager, ITPO. He is incharge of the very popular and upcoming show DBF 2018 and SF 2018. Here are the few excerpts of the interview.

    Q. As an avid reader, and customer, we have been visiting the Delhi Book Fair regularly and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope to see even more participation of renowned publishers and Stationery and Office Supplies companies as there seemed to have been some decline in the quality and participation, over a couple of years in the past. What are your thoughts?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: The World Book Fair having a larger canvas and international participation has a better appeal for the major publishers.  Delhi Book Fair is organised on much smaller size and scale.  Nevertheless, Delhi Book Fair because of its better organisational features and timing coinciding with academic session has become very popular and is also attracting major publishers.  Initially, World Book Fair was held very alternate year leaving sufficient space and gap for Delhi Book Fair.  Now, since World Book Fair has become an annual affair there is some impact on the participation because of this reason.  However, as Delhi Book Fair which is a B to C event, is dedicated to publishers mostly from Delhi and NCR and has other events like Stationery Fair, Office Automation Fair and Corporate Gifts Fair concurrently has proved highly successful in drawing crowds from Delhi and NCR region. 

                    The World Book Fair, which is B to B and B to C event is organised in the beginning of the year, which is not very suitable for procurement of books and stationery by the end users i.e. students, academicians, etc.  The Delhi Book Fair has been conceptualised as a focused event which provides much needed platform for Delhi and NCR based audiences.

                    Over the years, the sales for these publishers has been on the decline given the fact that people are losing the reading habit or moving to the digital platforms to read books.  All these factors have had an adverse effect and have become a problem. The other major problem is the lack of funds from the government for the Delhi Book Fair. We are sure that this time round you will find a marked improved in the standards given that we have received a good response from the publishers, and the stationery and office supplies firms.


    Q. As a consumer, I believe that the organization of the fair and quality of the books are the main criteria to attract crowds. What are your thoughts?

    Mr. D.K. Jain:  While we do not have control over the content of the books - what we can do is provide a good location and area for the exhibition and the publishing industry, which we have been doing year on year.  We are also in discussions with the Federation to bring good publishers, however, if good publishers do not take part, then the fair is affected and then visitors are disappointed – I agree.

                    We have asked FIP to contact all their publishers to attend and make the fair a resounding success. I am certain that you will see the difference in the Fair this time round, since we have also invited major Stationery and Office Supplies Vendors.


    Q. What are the dates for the Delhi Book Fair? Do you think the weather will have any role to play in the attendance of visitors to the fair?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: The Fair this year is being held from August 25 to September 2 from 10am to 7.30pm. The publishing industry feels this is the best time for the fair.  We believe that the weather would not play a role since avid readers and youngsters are undeterred by these factors. In any case, a large number of visitors use the Metro, which provides great connectivity throughout Delhi and from Gurgaon.

                    In addition, there are now air-conditioned buses and pool cabs too. The attendance from schools and colleges is expected to be high, and they usually use their own conveyance to ferry students to the venue.


    Q. Would it would be better to hold the fair during school and college breaks – your thoughts please.

    Mr. D.K. Jain: Organizing the Delhi Book Fair in December, would not be feasible since it would be too close to the World Book Fair event. We want a safe gap since we are partnering even with the World Book Fair we want people to visit both fairs. 

                    Additionally, since the new academic session for schools and colleges would have started, children may need certain books and stationery items, and young people are usually undeterred by the time and weather when they really want to do something.

                    We are organizing certain other activities to add to the excitement of the fair, and are hoping that the fair takes on the look and feel of a lively and entertaining event.


    Q. What other events will be coinciding with the Delhi Book Fair?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: There will be events within the fair including stationery, office automation – children will be able to buy some excellent stationery and other items – all things that are connected with books and studying in some way. There will also be a section of corporate gifting, within the stationery and office supplies fair, which would be of interest to the organizations visiting the fair.

                    The trend may have declined over the past some years, but such fairs are here to stay. We are certain that the relevance and charm of physical books, and bright colorful stationery is unlikely to fade.

                    The reading habit is returning and we are happy to change with the times and incorporate technology to attract more visitors and top quality publishers and stationers. Amazon visited the fair last year, and may come again this year, as would other major publishers.


    Q. What about Entry Fee and which Gates would people be able to access the Fair?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: Entry is now FREE to encourage more people to visit. We want people to interact with authors – although it is a bit premature to say which authors would be visiting. Things are shaping well for this year’s fair, and with the space being sold out we can say that the demand for such events is still quite high. Publishers will be visiting, which means that they too are hopeful of getting reasonable business. Entry Gates will be From 1, 8 and the Metro Gate to Gate 10. There will be a shuttle service too – from the entry gates to the main venues.


    Q. What other facilities can visitors expect?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: There will be water, security, food as always. There is a separate space for cultural activities and we have contacted colleges to organize certain activities, and we too will organize author of the day, best publishers, and more, with whom visitors would be able to interact. The Stationery and Office Supplies and Automation Fair too, is sure to grab attention and draw in the crowds.


    Q. How will you ensure that schools and colleges will attend?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: We have sent them mailers, and are waiting for the response and are expecting a good response.


    Q. Large scale renovation and construction is on – please share the efforts that you have made to ensure that visitors do not face any inconvenience.

    Mr. D.K. Jain: To start with there is no dust pollution since the digging of the foundation is completed, and with the rain all the debris and mud has settled down. We are making every effort to keep noise and inconvenience to the visitors to a minimum by ensuring that access points are away from the major construction. The shuttle service would take visitors directly to Exhibition Halls.


    Q. What is the aim of the ongoing redevelopment – what will you be adding/ upgrading?

    Mr. D.K. Jain: New buildings, new infrastructure, underground parking for 5000 cars, skywalk straight from metro station, beautiful surroundings, more greenery, better food. The new complex will have a state-of-the-art Convention Centre with a seating capacity of about 7000 persons, and the exhibition space will be increased to 1.19sqmtrs (from the current 65,000sqmtrs).  A Grade Separator is also under construction at the Mathura Road and Bhairon Road junction, to ease traffic congestion and keep a smooth flow. There will also be direct connectivity from the subway from Mathura Road to Ring Road across to Pragati Maidan. These changes are being orchestrated with our own resources, and no grant from the government. The renovation should be completed by November 2019.

    Fri, 17/08/2018
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    Line O Matic Graphic Industries feels immense proud to announce that Mr. Uday C. Patel, Founder,Line O Matic Graphic Industries received “Outstanding Entrepreneur” award from Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Hon’ble Minister for Child Development, Government of India on 14/04/18 at Federation ofGujarat Industries (FGI),Gujarat, India.

    Fri, 15/06/2018
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    Elkos Pens is one of the most recognized writing instrument brands in India, introduces Ball pen - Zolo and Directfill pen – Elasto.

    Ball pen – Zolo has been designed for company’s young customers. The attractive foil design with animal print is sure to delight them. Zolo has been crafted using latest Korean technology and is available in 5 attractive body colour and 3 ink colour.

    Direct Fill Pen – Elasto has been engineered for smooth and fine writing. Elasto is Refillable ball pen with rubberized body and Fine point 0.7 mm tip. The two new additions in the company’s product portfolio offer consumers fresh options and adds an entirely new dimension to writing.

    Elkos Pens is one of the most recognized writing instrument brands in India. Over the last few decades the brand has been continuously expanding its range of products for use in the office and schools. Elkos introduces Ball pen - Zolo and Directfill pen – Elasto. Elkos Pens is a vertically integrated manufacturer with strong in-house research, product development and marketing capabilities. “Over the years Elkos has been offering world-class products and a growing distribution network, makes our products accessible across geographies. Elkos realizes the dream of high-quality writing instruments at reasonable price,” said Vijay Singh, Marketing Executive at Elkos Pen Ltd.

    ELKOS Pens Limited was incorporated in the year 2003-04 as manufacturer and exporter of ball pen, gel pen, direct fill pen, sketch pen and refills. ELKOS Pens has been certified by the standards of ISO 9001:2008 (QMS), awarded the prestigious Government of India registered One Star EXPORT HOUSE & has a distinguished honour of being stationery partners in reputed Indian educational institutes like IIT’s & IIM’s.


    To view entire range of products visit:

    Mon, 29/01/2018
  • 180

    Keeping up to its tradition of launching new and innovative products, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd; premier stationery brand has recently introduced three innovative products - Camlin Nova Automatic Mechanical Pen Pencils, COVER IT Slim Correction Pen and Nova Gripper Wooden Pencils. All of these products are extremely useful, reasonably priced and takes the writing experience for your kids to another level. 

    The USP of Camlin Nova Automatic Mechanical Pen Pencil is that it lets you write non-stop without clicking. 

    Just click once and keep on writing continuously. It comes with an automatic lead dispenser and it is triangular shaped with a gripper for extra comfort. 

    The 0.7 mm lead helps in smooth writing and it has convenient pocket clip. It is best suited for students during exam time wherein one needs to manage their time smartly. It is priced at Rs 49/- and comes along with one lead tube.

    Another interesting product in line is Camlin COVER IT Slim Correction Pen. This correction pen is power packed with amazing features like ergonomic design with comfortable grip for easy usage and advanced metal tip helps in applying the white ink smoothly on paper. 

    This product is really useful for students as well as for teachers. Errors can be effortlessly rectified with the use of this correction pen. It does not leave any untidy spots on the paper and comes in handy. Priced at just Rs 20/- per pack, it is indeed a go-to product.

    Last but not the least, priced at a pocket friendly price of Rs 5/- each, Camlin Nova Gripper Wooden Pencils comes along with first of a kind gripper for fast writing. It is a super smooth pencil with a 2B lead.

    Hexagonal dimension of the pencil helps in break-free writing. It is a revolutionary pencil which is available in retail pack of 10 along with a gripper, eraser and a sharpener.

    So what are you waiting for? Lay your hands on these novel products by Kokuyo Camlin!


    About Kokuyo Camlin Ltd.

    Kokuyo Camlin Limited (formerly known as Camlin Limited)  is in the business of  marketing and selling of art materials and stationery products under flagship brands ‘Camel’ and ‘Camlin’ which have been in existence for more than 80 years . The company offers a wide range of products such as Fine Art materials, scholastic colours and stationery, hobby products, office products, writing and drawing instruments, adhesives and notebooks. 

    Sun, 28/01/2018
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    Permanent marking made easy in 8 colours

    Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd. offers, Paint Markers with Non- toxic ink, that gives permanent marking on various surfaces and are indispensable for industrial requirements. Popular with surfboard painters and being used extensively by Auto Industry, Steel Industry and all industries which need permanent marking on raw material, in process material and finished goods. 

    They have bullet tips with steel rod inside for mixing, which maintains free flow of paint. They are ideal to write on metals, plastics, ceramic, wood, leather and many other surfaces commonly encountered in industrial applications. The marking made with paint marker is scuff proof, sunlight proof and will not wipe with water, oil or solvents.

    It is available in 8 colours yellow, red, green, blue, white, black, silver, and gold. Silver and gold marking can withstand temperature upto 600 degree Celcius.

    Sat, 27/01/2018
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    As part of the World Orange Festival 2017, leading stationery and art material marketers, Kokuyo Camlin organized various activities including art competition, paintings by professionals as well getting an installation created to celebrate the three day festivities. 

    World Orange Festival 2017, the first-of-its-kind festival was held in Nagpur, the orange capital of India from 16th to 18th December 2017 in support of orange producers in Nagpur.

    As part of the festivities, Kokuyo Camlin organized a painting competition wherein over 2000 school students participated in the event showcasing their work on the theme ‘Orange’. 

    The school children had a whale of time drawing on the theme with their various interpretations around the Orange.  There was a lot of excitement among the school children while they participated in the painting competition.  


    Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin Ltd said "Kokuyo Camlin is proud to associate with this unique first-of- its-kind festival - World Orange Festival at Nagpur, the city famous for Oranges. We have always promoted art amongst consumers as it brings joy and positivity around. In this unique festival many artists have come out with many masterpieces and have made this orange festival memorable forever."


    To add to the excitement,  Kokuyo Camlin also roped in over 100 professional artists to paint their perception on the theme - Orange. However, what stole the show  was the enormous installation created by the JJ School of Art Students from  Mumbai which they dedicated to Camlin. The festival supported  by the Maharashtra Government and the Maharashtra Tourism Development  Corporation (MTDC) was inaugurated by Mr. Devendra Fadnavis,  Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra. 


    The main objective of this festival was to showcase and encourage the hard work put by farmers to produce quality oranges and to sustain the identity of Nagpur being the Orange City on the world map. During the festival, Nagpur was very lively with multiple activities, music festivals, recipe contests, trips to orange orchards, orange installations by

     art students, cultural parades etc. 

    Thu, 25/01/2018