STONE PAPER - A revolutionary PRODUCT IDEA which can help us save millions of trees

Left to Right Allard Lith, Financial Manager; Marc Heddes, General Manager, Stone Paper.

Deforestation adds more global warming pollution to the atmosphere than any other thing.

Trees give us life. Since our childhood days we are taught that “Trees” are the most important aspect for our survival on the earth. Still the fact is that we hardly ever think of saving Paper which is one industry that is almost completely dependent on Trees and uses abundant water.

It is so heartening to come across a company that is only one of the few which has not only shown concern about global warming but also devised an innovative process to protect our Trees and save on water. Stone Paper is a company from Netherland that is named after their product “Stone Paper”. PSS got the opportunity to interact with Marc Heddes, General Manager, Stone Paper. Marc then introduced us to their unique and innovatory idea “As the name suggests “Stone Paper” is an environmental friendly tree free Paper that can be used to make Stationery, Paper bags and packages by using a mixture made of 80% mineral powder (Calcium Carbonate) and 20% Recycled HDPE (recyclable)  with crushed Natural Stone.” 

He further added “Apart from saving 18 trees that would have been required to make 1 tonne paper from wood pulp, the CO2 exhaustion is also dramatically lower in production of Stone Paper. Therefore the production process is very clean. No water is used, no bleach or chemical solutions and of course not a single tree is felled.

 Stone Paper is 100% waterproof and liquids have no effect on the material. If it gets wet, you can simply dry it. Printing on Stone Paper is possible for every quality offset printer by taking care of its unique characteristics.

A product is said to be environment friendly either if it is biodegradable or Recyclable. Therefore our next question was about the recyclability of Stone Paper. Marc said “It's not biodegradable because Stone Paper consists 80% of calcium carbonate and 20% HDPE. But one can recycle it multiple times. Plus you have to consider the whole story about production process and what kind of energy is used in production of STONE PAPER vis-à-vis PULP Based PAPER. For example if you want to produce pulp paper. You need a lot of water, lot of energy and Trees are felled. Whereas the production process of our Paper is lower by more than 67 percent.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019