Versatile and neatly designed metal mesh items for Office and household from China

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
AN-2016 – Chinese manufacturer Hangzhou Fuhuiyuan Home products co. is aiming to expand the reach for their versatile products especially designed to be used in offices and households. The products are made of Metal mesh and neatly designed. The range of products included – Pen Stands, Desk organizers, waste bins and Stationery sets. Visitors at the stall showed keen interest in the portable Mesh carts. The Mesh carts had sturdy design and were easy to assemble. “Extensive efforts are made to ensure smooth edges and portability for easy storage with maximum utilization of space. For e.g.- Our desk organizers have separate and distinct compartments, some of them movable for various items used in offices and homes.” said Mike Pan, General Manager of the company. Source: PSS Exclusive
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